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Job Hunt Tips

5 Key Things Recruiters Look Out For During An Interview

Do you know that recruiters start to pay attention to everything you say and do as soon as an interview starts? They look at your appearance and the way you talk. They pay attention to your grammar. They also pay attention to your video background as well. These things could raise eyebrows and get you […]

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5 Ways to Stay Positive While Job-hunting

I once told a friend it took me six months to land a remote job at a foreign company and he was shaken. He couldn’t believe it. Sometimes it takes a very long time for you to land your dream job. You might find some other roles along the way… You might get some other […]

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Searching For A Remote Job

One of the saddest things about job hunting is that you can be making mistakes and not know that you’re making mistakes. It could be the fact that you did not format your resume properly or you’re reaching out with a cover letter filled with “Am” at the start of sentences instead of “I am” […]

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Bank of America Campus Recruitment Program 2023

APPLY: BANK OF AMERICA 2023 CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM There are 39 positions open across 3 major teams: Banking/ marketing/ Finance, Corporate Functions,  Technology and Operations. Eligible categories:The BANK OF AMERICA provides a unique entry role for students in their penultimate year of study in an accredited university. Benefits: Paid partnership with an attractive salary. All […]

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Did You Miss The Interview? Do this now!

It’s okay to miss an Interview because of poor network, preparation or you simply didn’t see the interview invitation. It happens. Try to reply to the company or recruiter afterwards… Do not be “too afraid” to reach out to them and apologize for not showing up. “Hi Michael, Thank you so much for this opportunity. […]

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What is Your Work Experience Level? Know your worth

I’m just gonna drop this here before I start interviewing for the day While seniority levels depend on Time, your knowledge, experience and other factors, you still need to know your seniority level Or have an idea what it is. It helps you understand your worth. Especially when you know your shit According to The […]

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6 Ways Recruiters Already Know You’re Not a Good Fit for the Company

If you’re an avid user/consumer of a particular product, chances are, you can easily tell a fake version when you see it. I can’t think of a more “fit” way to summarize what I’m about to explain, hence that example. But what I am trying to say is most times, recruiters and company owners can […]

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