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Business Operations Associate, Pricing & Packaging at Zapier

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Business Operations Associate, Pricing & Packaging

About You

You have 2+ years of financial modeling and forecasting experience as a primary function of your experience as a consultant, in investment banking, software, or as an entrepreneur. We’re looking for an internal consultant who can get up to speed quickly on a wide range of company projects related to our Pricing & Packaging team. This role is on the junior side for the Biz Ops team; however, you’ll need to be effective in an unfamiliar area quickly, transition swiftly from big-picture strategic thinking to tactical execution, and leverage data insights to influence high-visibility decision-making.

You have 2+ years of financial consultant, investment banking, private equity, or venture capital experience.

Low ego: Nothing is “not my job”. Our Biz Ops team is a collection of generalists who can work across the organization, but we also have a T-shape to our experiences that complement each other. We do things that don’t scale, so that we can figure out how to make them work at scale.

You believe relationships are critical to success. This role will be responsible for outcomes of projects but will have no direct-line manager authority. You need to be able to help teams deliver their best work and accomplish their goals without relying on org-structure authority. You’ll influence through ideas, facts, and data.

You’re data-focused. Zapier is a data-driven organization and we need this person to help guide conversations. If you need data you should be able to self-serve a lot of it and ask the data team well-formed questions when you need something deeper. If there’s no data person on the call, you should be the most data-comfortable person participating. You’ll be expected to be able to do your own reporting and analysis regularly, with support from the data team on the hardest problems. It’s ok if your tool of choice is excel or google sheets, but even better if you’re confident in data warehouse and data visualization tools like SQL (we use redshift), Looker, or similar.

You understand the importance of speed and iteration. You should have a bias for delivering work as fast as possible. Once you get feedback, you should be comfortable iterating (or even wholesale throwing out) your prior work in the face of new information. This team spends lots of time on new concepts so being willing to try new things in short periods of time is more valuable than perfecting things over longer time horizons.

You’re an excellent written communicator. We’re also a 100% remote team, and writing is our primary means of communication at Zapier, so this bullet appears in most jobs. It’s even more critical here. This role will often need to write company-wide communication on a mix of important and sometimes nuanced subjects. You need to be clear, concise, and understand that the reader’s time is more valuable than your own.

You’re solid at time management. You’ll juggle a variety of fast-moving communications projects, and as a part of a distributed team, you’ll be trusted to work with minimal supervision. Process and organization will help you succeed in this role.

Things You’ll Do

By definition, this role will have varying responsibilities. This is a list of some that have come up recently. You might do some or all of these types of things, but is not a comprehensive list and you may not do all of them.

  • Define the yearlong project calendar for our legacy pricing migration program.
  • Use data to segment different user types and come up with a hypothesis for us to validate on what user segments may have a higher willingness to pay.
  • Write email copy that maintains the Zapier human brand tone while staying clear and concise about what’s happening and what users should expect.
  • Dig into data to understand why a particular segment is converting so well (or poorly). Deliver conclusions to the pricing and packaging Steerco.
  • Work with the head of pricing and packaging, the CFO, and the FP&A team to project the impact of different pricing and packaging concepts.
  • Build deep understanding of the Zapier user journey (user funnel) and the User behavior on both sides of our marketplace. Then, help the projects that you’re working on pull the right levers.
  • Ensure a specific set of stakeholders complete their Monthly and Quarterly MBR and QBR review documentation. Write a summary of the cross-team themes.
  • Supporting the leader of a cross-functional strategic initiative on anything that makes them more effective.
  • Find every decision profile anyone in the company has written and summarize them into single table with decision, approver, date written, date completed. Setup a process to keep this up to date indefinitely.

As a part of our All Hands Support initiative, you’ll help customers have the best possible experience with Zapier.

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Business Operations Associate, Pricing & Packaging at Zapier
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