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We are looking for a strategic Community Growth Manager to join our team on This role will focus on developing and implementing strategies to engage and educate our customers through community marketing opportunities.


  • Experience building and managing online communities.
  • Track record of success in content strategy and production — demonstrating success through customer engagement, retention, and action.
  • 2-4 year digital marketing experience, ideally including organic, social, and paid channels.

Experience working with cross-discipline teams, in a remote environment (preferred).


  • Forge authentic relationships with target audiences to build consideration for our products with developers and end-users through courses, conferences, sponsorships, social platforms, and other opportunities for community engagement.
  • Build a sense of community among our current and prospective customers to further our commitment to customer education and success, including managing private course communities, curating meetup content and schedules, managing staffing, coordinating speaker or guest-blog logistics, and working with our internal team members and external partners to ensure successful events and engagement to add value to subscribers.
  • Promote viral expansion through network effects of community engagement, to become an effective channel for customer acquisition and retention — through attending and speaking at events and meetups, building relationships across forums, etc.
  • Moderate engagement among the community to ensure the dynamic is supportive, welcoming, and safe.
  • Encourage switching to the platform by self-hosted users, through education, building social proof among peers, and assistance on importers.
  • Manage reporting and metrics across our efforts in collaboration with the data team and work with the marketing team on solutions to improve as needed.
  • Work cross collaboratively with influencer teams, marketing, and partners to promote offerings and reach registration and revenue goals.
  • Build relationships with peers in Happiness, Marketing, and Engineering to advocate for customer needs and understand how we can best help our users thrive.
  • Build engagement in targeted online communities as an effective marketing channel.
  • Acquire new and incremental customers through social proof and product education.
  • Create consideration by developers and self-hosted users throughout the WordPress community to consider as their platform of choice.
  • Build value and engagement within our paid course communities.
  • Develop content and education tools across various multimedia platforms.


  • Communication – A storyteller with the ability to host clear, technically accurate conversations and express complicated concepts in easy-to-understand methods, with excellent written, oral, video, multimedia, and illustrative communication styles.
  • Multi-Tasking & Prioritization – Establish and maintain open communication flow between stakeholders, and shepherd projects through to completion within deadlines. Work with colleagues as well as outside vendors, resources, and partners to ensure all opportunities are well-leveraged and customer and project needs are met.
  • Decision Making – Shows complexity in thought when considering resource tradeoffs in the pursuit of measured business impact. Can procure supporting data to make informed decisions.
  • Project Management – Implement efficient and impactful systems for accountability across teams and drives initiatives forward to completion, and measures estimated vs. actualized impact. All team members are encouraged to hone this skill as part of their responsibilities.
  • Collaboration: Collaborates closely with content, creative, growth, engineering, and support team members to amplify our collective efforts.
  • Knowledge of the WordPress Ecosystem: Understanding and knowledge of the WordPress ecosystem, including but not limited to having built websites on the WordPress platform, being a member of the WordPress community, and/or understanding the various products and tools within the Automattic portfolio.

Tip to Apply:

– In your cover letter, let us know what you can contribute to the team.

  • Proofread! Make sure you spell and capitalize WordPress and Automattic accurately. We are lucky to receive many applications for this position, so try to make your application stand out.

Please include an answer to the following question in your cover letter:

  • Tell us about one of your most successful community growth tactics and what impact it generated.

Applicants who do not submit their cover letter with their answers will not be considered.

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Community Growth Manager,
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