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Our client is searching for a full-time Community Lead to manage its virtual community. The Community Lead will build out the community, establish a strong brand identity and own all external communications.

The Position
Our client is committed to providing capital, community and content for women in tech. In line with their mission to advance leadership for a generation of African women, they are building a virtual community that supports Africa’s most ambitious women in technology to thrive and succeed in leadership roles.

As Community Lead, you are our community’s brand ambassador—the face and voice of the brand—and the point person for all communication to the members of the community. You will support the launch of the community in early 2022. In addition, you will manage all aspects of community building through content creation and distribution, accessible community support and digital engagement; to increase awareness and maintain great brand perception.

Your focus will be communications, community-building and branding. This is a great role for someone who is knowledgeable about the peculiarities of the technology industry in Africa as well as the needs of women in this industry. While this is not an investment or mentorship position, insights into the state of the industry and available opportunities for ambitious women in tech will help you succeed in this high-visibility role.

An excellent Community Lead will invest time in understanding the complexities of being an African woman in tech, so that you can anticipate and empathise with the challenges that our community faces. She will keep the community productively engaged, and proactively and creatively solve their challenges by providing learning resources, making valuable connections and championing initiatives that will help them achieve their goals.

The ideal candidate can adapt and learn new things quickly, solve expected and unexpected challenges and will care deeply about the community’s ambition to be the default support organisation for the most impressive female founders and women in tech in Africa.


You will be the point person with the community. You will moderate online conversations and create text and visual content for our ideal audience on social media, write a monthly newsletter and regular blogs, and create and implement digital marketing campaigns. You will be the primary interface for inbound emails from the media and members of the community.

Brand Management
You will be responsible for brand building and improving our public perception. You will build the community’ visibility and maintain a loyal community, through initiatives that differentiate the community, and organisation as a whole. You will gather actionable insights into our ideal audience and harness that to increase brand awareness and cultivate trust within our target groups.

Community Support
You will be the first point of contact and support for the community. You will create and manage a database of community members, collecting relevant information about each individual. You will set up effective channels to resolve inquiries, create and maintain a library of helpful resources and collect feedback from the community.

Virtual Events
To keep the people engaged and promote the community, you will host and moderate regular virtual events. You will contribute to our events strategy, working closely with the Operations Manager who will take the lead on event management and speaker management.

Partnerships & Sponsorships
Starting in 2022, we plan to productize the organization’s platform to drive operating revenues to support the scaling of our mission. There are a few ways we could do this, including newsletter sponsorship and content sponsorship. You will work with the two co-founders and Head of Platform to drive this effort in a structured way.
You will also work with the co-founders and Head of Platform to identify potential partners to improve our value proposition to the community, for example, big tech or global accelerators.

The Career Path
The Community Lead plays an important role in the success of the organisation. Your role will intersect two of our three pillars—content and community—and be key to helping the organisation achieve its mission.

Over time, your responsibilities and influence will scale with the organisation and you will be one of the public faces of the organisation. In the long-term, we believe that the position could set you up for success in various roles, founder, operator or marketer.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience
● 2-4 years of experience in a public relations, communications or marketing role, preferably in the technology industry
● You love to communicate and are a people person.
● You’re a creative person with exciting, practical ideas.
● You are passionate about helping women in tech succeed.
● You play well with others. We need to like you, and so does our community.

Compensation & Benefits
● Benefits: laptop, HMO/medical insurance, airtime/data allowance
● Other statutory benefits, including four weeks of paid annual leave

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