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About us:

Opsmate is a Pre-Seed stage Startup that is unlocking the Future of Work through our tech that we call “Human Guided Automation” (HGA). HGA takes the best of automation (digitizing if/then SOPs) and hard codes human approval points so that our customers get both efficiency & visibility over tasks. There’s no substitute for human judgment!

So what does that all mean? Our point of view is automating routine tasks that almost every Startup does manually today is the biggest unlock to new work models (4 day workweek, remote, async). Incumbent internal operations tech (email, Slack, non-connected apps) requires human to human hand-offs of work, which prevents the full adoption of the new ways of working that will make careers in Startups more sustainable.

Our Founder has spent his entire career in Business Operations. After building/selling his last Startup, he experienced burnout, so our mission is very personal to our team. Core to our mission is enabling a fundamental shift in work life balance at Startups by making it easier for Startups to get routine work done!

By the way, we are fully remote & operate async (other than 2 scheduled meetings per week), and have plans to operate on a 4 day workweek.

About the role:

We’re building our community based on our Founder’s experience working in BizOps at Airbnb. Community is so fundamental to our business model that we are committing 10% of our revenue to provide resources to it.

Our Head of Community will report directly to our CEO & build our Community from the ground up. Our Community will be composed of experienced professionals that are passionate about sharing their experience & ideas for how to make it “easier” to get work done at Startups.

Our Product team will be embedded within our Community, which will be a key input into our Product requirements and roadmap.

Over time, we will provide financial incentives to our Community to have authentic interactions with Opsmate prospects who are new to automation and want a non “Corporate” perspective.

We are considering three profiles for this crucial role:
a) Track record of building Community at Startups, and a passion for improving business operations
b) Track record of improving business operations at Startups, and a passion for Community
c) Track record of something else outstanding at Startups… and a passion for Community & business operations 🙂


There is no “responsibilities” section of this job announcement. Those responsibilities will be shaped via final round interviews where each candidate outlines “first 3 month” priorities in this role. You will then be hired to execute on your plan.

We are in the process of raising our Pre-Seed round & hope to capitalize sometime this summer. In the meantime, this will be a ~20 hour a week commitment on a bootstrapper’s salary ($2,000 per month).

Once we capitalize, we will convert this position to a full time role at a market rate, with an equity package.

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Community Powered Growth (Founding Team) at Opsmate
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