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Content designer, Chippercash

Chipper is the largest mobile cross-border money transfer platform in Africa. We are a small passionate team, dedicated to expanding financial inclusion in some of the global regions most in need of accessible, interoperable, easy-to-use, and affordable financial services.

  • As a content designer at a fast-growing early-stage company, you will have the opportunity to create a massive impact – on the company, on the product, and, most importantly, on the lives and livelihoods of our users.
  • We are a small team. You will be encouraged to engage in decision-making that will establish the culture of design at Chipper Cash. There will be leadership roles available to early hires as the company continues to expand.
  • Enjoy working from home? Coffee-shops? Co-working spaces? Pick any of the above! Our team is fully remote.
  • We have a product team culture centered on open communication, honest feedback, and personal responsibility. You will not be micromanaged.

About the role

As a Content Designer, you’ll spend your time testing out and validating ideas with research and building personas, customer journey maps, content strategy, and multimedia content. An ideal team member is a collaborator, problem solver, idea generator, and storyteller with a firm understanding of user experience. Most importantly, we’re looking for designers who love learning and sharing their knowledge with others.

What You’ll Do

    • Deliver a documented content strategy, starting with the Chipper Cash mobile application, to make the app silky smooth and enjoyable to use – even for users who might be using a smartphone for the first time!
    • Lead the content audit process to spot gaps in our existing content, as well as identify the characteristics of high performing content
    • Coordinate (and sometimes conduct your own) qualitative and quantitative research to make data-driven recommendations for new content and/or updates
    • Collaborate across Product, Customer Operations and Growth Marketing teams to develop content that supports a consistent customer journey

    Our Design Principles

    Designers sit at the intersection of Product Management, Engineering and all other stakeholders within Chipper Cash. From pairing with developers to facilitating cross-team workshops, designers help bring ideas to life.

    Designers are also responsible for incorporating Chipper’s design principles into their work. A Chipper experience is…

    • Above all, Enjoyable
      • Sometimes, this just means getting out of the user’s way and getting them to their goal quickly and easily. Other times, what’s enjoyable is a product that walks users through a challenging process in a delightful way.
    • Variable, yet Consistent
      • Chipper delivers products across a variety of markets, cultures and demographics. That means customers come to us with completely different mental models about their money, goals, and expectations. Chipper experiences may have to be adjusted to meet the needs of a market, or alternate use-case. Across these variations, a common look, feel and branding creates consistency – which, in turn, garners trust.
    • Lean, yet Considered
      • A product doesn’t help anyone if it’s sitting in a design file or locked in a recurring meeting. A lean design makes forward progress on a problem by focusing on shipping to end-users, instead of on polish or perfection during the design phase. What’s already built should inform the next step toward a solution. Designers consider alternatives by quickly driving toward a prototype and using it to gather fast feedback from internal teams and end-users.

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Content Designer at Chipper Cash
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