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Cyber Driller and Toolpusher at Kuiper Group

  • Full Time
  • Onsite
  • Permanent
  • Lagos

Website Kuiper Group

Cyber Driller and Toolpusher

About the job

We are looking for a Cyber Driller and Toolpusher for a jack up rig in Nigeria. This is a long-term contract, rotational 28×28.

Job Summary (Cyber Driller)

The Driller is responsible for operating and supervising the drilling equipment on a jack-up rig. They ensure the safe and efficient drilling of wells for oil, gas, or other resources. The Driller leads the drilling crew, communicates with the Rig Manager, and follows drilling procedures and safety protocols. They monitor drilling progress, maintain equipment, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise during drilling operations. The Driller plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of drilling activities and upholding safety standards on the rig.

Job Summary (Cyber Toolpusher)

The Toolpusher is the senior supervisor responsible for overseeing drilling operations on a jack-up rig. They lead and manage the drilling crew, ensuring that all tasks are carried out safely and efficiently. The Toolpusher collaborates with the Rig Manager to plan and execute drilling activities, adhering to established procedures and safety guidelines. They monitor the performance of drilling equipment, troubleshoot any technical issues, and implement necessary maintenance. The Toolpusher plays a critical role in coordinating drilling operations, maintaining rig productivity, and promoting a culture of safety and teamwork among the crew.


  • minimum 3-5 yrs experience on Cyber Jack up rig for the same position of Driller or Toolpusher
  • Valid IWCF Level 3 or Level 4 for Toolpusher
  • OGUK Medical
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Covid Vaccination Certificate
  • Yellow Fever Booklet
  • Availability to travel ASAP

To apply for this job please visit

Cyber Driller and Toolpusher at Kuiper Group
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