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Our Mission

For developers at high growth companies who want to focus on building products and shipping code, Aptible automates the security of resources across their entire cloud infrastructure. Our platform as a service is used by thousands of developers, especially those at digital health startups, to ship complex architectures without needing to stop and think about security, compliance, or IaaS best practices. As we move forward, we are expanding our impact by helping developers to secure any cloud resource they select for a particular job, regardless of which cloud infrastructure provider they choose.

Our Team

Aptible is a fully distributed company, and we’ve been remote since 2013. We’ve grown our customer base considerably since then by focusing on great product. Our team is small but we’re growing fast, and we’re starting to hire for roles and teams we’ve never before had.

This role is an opportunity to be an early contributor and leader at a company that has a substantial revenue base relative to our modest team size and is investing to scale out a company that will accelerate growth.

Our Aptible handbook is where we’ve set out to help current and prospective Aptible team members get a clear sense of who we are. We endeavor to speak publicly and openly about ourselves, though we do have a handbook-internal where we discuss proprietary matters internally. We invite you to read the handbook to help you determine if Aptible might be a fit for you, and to inspire any questions you’d like to ask us about our team or mission.
Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
We prioritize diversity within our team and value different perspectives, educational backgrounds, and life experiences. We encourage people from underrepresented backgrounds to apply.

About this Role

Aptible has built out a relatively large customer base filled with highly engaged software developers who communicate with Aptible via Zendesk and joint Slack channels. So far we haven’t invested in Developer Relations outside of our support team, which is comprised mostly of developers, but we know that Developer Relations is critical to our continued success. Our small but mighty team has built a strong foundation with our customers via providing best in class support, ending most months with a 100% customer satisfaction score, but we know there’s a lot more outside of support we can do to build better relationships.

We’re looking for our first Developer Advocate who will help deepen our relationships with current and prospective developer customers, and in particular help developers to become aware of and make use of Aptible, starting with those we’ve historically been most successful with: developers at digital health startups. Our Developer Advocate will join our Developer Relations team, first reporting to our CEO/CTO and later reporting to our Director of Developer Relations.

Our product roadmap in 2022 is filled with the most ambitious features we’ve ever built and the most requested features by Aptible customers and non-customers alike. We’d like our new Developer Relations team to help us expand our developer community around our new product development and our mission. Our Developer Advocate will become the go-to expert on our product, and how developers at digital health startups use our product. In so doing, we expect our Developer Advocate to lead on the delivery of:

exceptional documentation and all other learning materials
starter or “bootstrap” projects, and guides on how to get started with Aptible
blog content about our most interesting use cases and customers
presentations and talks at community building and awareness events and other developer programs.
All this to say, we take open and transparent communication as well as advocacy for our developer customers seriously. Our entire team is aligned around the primary importance of developer advocacy (and more broadly, developer relations) to Aptible’s future, and we’d like to find a Developer Advocate who wants to lead Aptible in producing an impressive canon of technical educational content in support of our customers and community.

Your Impact

We believe that a core pillar of any Developer Relations strategy is phenomenal documentation, and you’ll work with our Director of Developer Relations, and our existing technical support and customer reliability engineering teams to lead a refactor and expansion of our docs that are currently used by thousands of developers, to better serve those who are new to Aptible
An important extension of documentation is authentically useful, clear, and high quality guides and learning materials aimed at helping our developer audience deploy cloud infrastructure securely, and you will lead the production of impactful materials for our audience
We’re relaunching our developer community after years of underinvestment, and you’ll lead all aspects of the community with the goal of engaging the thousands of current and future Aptible customers and users
You’ll work closely with our (new!) marketing team to help us understand and drive developer marketing in a trust-building manner
You’ll work closely with product and engineering to create a two-way conversation about our roadmap and functionality with our developer community

Your Strengths

You have software development experience, and you are familiar with DevOps, including deploying containers, clusters, and working in the cloud. Bonus points if you are familiar with DevSecOps, security, or information security compliance frameworks and regulations such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, HITRUST, PCI, FedRAMP, and HIPAA.
You are a prolific writer and content creator. You have a strong portfolio of some or all of: technical documentation, blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc.
You are able to publish sample projects and demo applications and teach (both written, recorded, and live) developers how to get started with Aptible.
You are able to discuss the details of how customers use Aptible with them, offer technical advice, and record their stories for both internal learning (i.e. driving product roadmap based on two-way comms with developers) and external technical/educational case studies.

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Developer Advocate at Aptible
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