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We’re looking for an experienced editor to help build the most influential business media network, and create content to help the most important stories of African entrepreneurs build the most enduring businesses on the continent.

We aim to connect African entrepreneurs with relevant insights and content they need to grow into globally successful businesses. This is why we need someone who is both analytical and deeply creative to take our content efforts to the next level.

As the Editor In Chief at Brass, you’ll operate on both tactical and strategic levels. On one hand, you’ll lead Brass’ entire content marketing production process, leading the media team, and working with several teams across the company to help use content to drive leads and deepen our relationship with specific groups of merchant categories. With access to thousands of some of the most successful businesses in Africa, as well as Brass’ proprietary databases, you will have a strong foundation on which to build.

But just as importantly, you’ll help fundamentally shape the story of entrepreneurship in Africa. Our job is to help them win, and that includes telling their story to local, regional, and global audiences.


  • Lead Brass entire content marketing strategy end-to-end, from ideas, to execution, to distribution. You’ll create and manage the editorial calendar of SEO-optimized articles, events, videos, podcasts etc. and ensure a steady publishing and recycling cadence.
  • Partner closely with the Communications/Marketing team to ensure that content is an important acquisition channel for our demand generation efforts. You’ll use content to nurture both prospective and existing customers through our growth loops.
  • Hire and coach members of the Brass Media team, and build a strong network of third party creatives and freelancers.
  • Monitor content engagement metrics to understand how well our content is finding new audiences, or contributing towards various business goals.
  • Write stories and copy where needed.
  • Direct the media team to support other teams within the company by line-editing company announcements to ensure they meet our brand and editorial standards.
  • Build relationships with press to ensure that Brass narratives find wide reach.
  • Amplify a culture of learning at Brass by sourcing a steady cadence of “how we built it” and domain expert content from team members.

About You

  • You are passionate about innovation, and what we are doing here at Brass excites you!
  • You are excited to build a large business media organization within Africa
  • You have professional experience assigning, editing, and writing content for a B2B audience
  • You are a master communicator, able to take complex ideas and articulate them in clear, compelling ways
  • You have experience managing a team of creatives
  • You understand that while content quality is vital, rigorous distribution is also critical
  • You enjoy diving into the numbers to understand how content is performing, and why
  • You are familiar with the audience development and distribution tactics of modern B2B digital media companies such as CB Insights, Bloomberg etc.
  • You are highly organized and detail-oriented, able to manage multiple projects and timelines simultaneously
  • You genuinely enjoy speaking with and supporting ambitious business owners in Africa in any way you can

To apply for this job please click on -> airtable.com.

Editor-in-Chief at Brass


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