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Are you ready to be part of a small and efficient Global Sales team, working remotely in Global sales operations? We have automated all of the non-essential tasks away, so you will be focused on delivering only the tasks that add value to the organization. You will learn and stretch your capabilities on a daily basis, with focused SLAs, and daily coaching from a world-class manager. This position is still being developed and there will be opportunities to grow and expand within the organization. From time to time, we will be asking this role to support/build tools to help us make multi-million dollar decisions.

Finance Analyst at Ignite Tech

What you will be doing

  • Part of your work is in processing documentation for quotes, invoices, document signatures, reports, reconciliations, etc.
  • The other part will be Salesforce wrangling for Reseller Specific reporting within the Partnerships channels
  • Support 1-4 sales people initially
  • Oversee customer license delivery

What you will NOT be doing

  • Sales (this role does not require new sales, only delivery and processing of orders)
  • Data analysis by the book. Many of these projects are not going to be easy and the data will not always be readily available.
  • “Here’s all the answers. Now put the pieces together” – Not at all. Many of these projects will take some digging and the information at the end may prove out of reach. That is not a failure. That is an opportunity to grow and expand our organization.

Key Responsibilities

This analyst is part processor and part analyst. The primary work units they complete are the following:

Prepare Quotes through delivery of license:
– Enter Quoting Data Structures for formatting prior to submission to Finance
– Submitting quote requests to Finance – Upon receipt – confirmation and delivery to customer
– Process with Docusign to gather required signatures
– Liase with internal teams for internal document coordination and license release

Independent Analysis:
– Salesforce End-User wrangling for Reseller Specific reporting within the Partnerships channels
– Develop projection and time-based analytics within Salesforce
– Independent pricing projects/analysis based on Reseller specific requirements

Processor is expected to be able to run reports related to any of these transactions and accounts.

Candidate Requirements

  • 1+ years of Sales Enablement or processing Experience.
  • 1+ years of Salesforce analytics development (Dashboards and reports) or 3+ years of another CRM analytics tool
  • Independent Project Experience

Nice to have

  • Former Sales Operations or Analyst experience
  • Salesforce experience (certified preferred)
  • Corporate Salesforce Experience.  Basic understanding of, and hands-on experience with, Reports and Dashboards within Salesforce.
  • Excel and Google sheets for analysis and projects
  • Sales Enablement. The best candidate has supported sales teams process documentation and close opportunities and been accountable for the analytics and reporting

Working Hours: 40 hours/week any timezone

Salary: $30k/year ($15/hour)

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Finance Analyst at Ignite Tech


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