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Hi, I’m Brian, co-founder & CTO of Chameleon. I head all things technical and am looking to expand our globally distributed engineering team. I mainly wrote this doc 👋🏻

We started Chameleon after being frustrated at poor user onboarding, and feeling required to speak with sales before we could start using new products.

As engineers, we want to solve the hardest problems, and apply our creativity to design beautiful software. It’s tedious to build and maintain tooltips, or banners, so we built Chameleon to let the product people handle that independently, while letting engineers focus on the core value proposition a product provides.

We are looking for a Frontend Engineer who thrives in a remote startup environment, is passionate about building great software, and enjoys a wide variety of problems.

The role

Why we want to hire this role now

Chameleon exists as a layer between our customers’ web applications and their users. This means that the software we build is for our thousands of customers and millions of their end-users.

As we gain more customers, they require our software to handle more and growing use cases. The way web applications are built is changing rapidly; UX patterns are getting smarter; organizations are embracing the product-led movement.

  • As software becomes more self-serve, we will stay ahead of the curve to to better enable software around the world.
    • Better handle the scale and volume of data we receive
    • Build out brand new products that help our customers more successfully engage their users
    • Continue to improve on-page performance while adding more complexity
    • Enhance the functionality and UX of the existing product to make it more accessible to brand-new customers and non-technical users
    • Build workflows to support larger teams (e.g. roles/permissions) and more usage (a team having hundreds of “campaigns” within Chameleon)

You will be a key member of our engineering team, and enable us to improve our product velocity.

What you will do specifically

You’ll be working on our React web-app, our Chrome Extension in a modern tech stack.

Key activities we expect you to be doing include:

  • Work on our customer dashboard building new UI/UX
  • Create, build and maintain reusable React components
  • Write testable well documented code
  • Make customer experience with Chameleon memorable and lovable
  • Support keeping our platform secure and reliable

Skills and experience that will aid success in this role

  • 2+ years working as a front-end / JS developer
  • 1+ years of startup experience in a full-time remote work experience
  • Fluency with React / JS / HTML / CSS
  • Comfort and experience working with testing suites (Cypress, Jest)
  • Independent and self-motivated mindset; proactive in finding solutions while able to structure your own work autonomously

Other requirements

  • You have a fully functioning workstation and a quiet place to work (and take calls) with a high-speed internet connection
  • You are in an Americas or European timezone (i.e. based in 🇨🇦 🇲🇽 🇧🇷 🇨🇱 🇬🇧 🇫🇮 🇵🇹 🇪🇺 🇿🇦 etc.)
  • This is your full-time job (no other part-time roles)
  • Fluency (written and verbal) in English

Why Chameleon?

Listen to my Co-founder Pulkit talk about Chameleon a bit 😉

Our product helps millions of users around the world. We are at the right moment for a product-led growth movement and are committed to building a winning product 🥇 Our team is distributed, remote-first, and really nice 🙃

Learn more about our team, culture, and vision in our company page.

Key benefits for this role

💵 Competitive salary and early-stage equity. Range = $55k-125k per annum (offer will be based on your experience and geography)

🚀 High-quality standards, regular feedback, and opportunities to help you grow quickly

🌳 Flexible work hours and unlimited vacations

💻 New Macbook and budget for home office equipment

📚 Allowance for books and other personal learning resources

🧘 Allowance for mindfulness/meditation app subscription

💡 Work with some of the best product people in the world as customers

🌈 Chameleons are all different and uniquely beautiful. They change and aren’t required to associate or identify with any specific labels. We welcome the chance to get to know you and are committed to building a diverse and inclusive team that consists of a variety of backgrounds, cultures, languages, experiences, preferences, and characteristics. That’s what helps us all grow and evolve.

The hiring process

Each person that joins our team leaves a major impact on our product, culture, and trajectory. It’s critical our team consists of people who are the best at what they do, but also passionate about our objectives and space.

That means we need to invest more in our recruiting process and this document is just a part of that. We want to make it transparent for you, so you can decide if this is worth your precious time.

Our hiring process is designed to give you a taste of working at Chameleon as a Frontend Engineer, so you can reliably decide whether this is the perfect role for you or not!

Key milestones 🛣️

Read this document and decide if this could be a good fit for you ✅ If you’re still reading then you can assume that you’ve done this, and that this is a good fit!

  1. Fill out our application form below This won’t look like others; it won’t be tedious and robotic, but will engage you in similar ways to the job. It will also mean we can more quickly get back to you if we are moving forward.
  2. Introductory chat Here you can ask any questions you have about Chameleon and meet 2 members of the team!
  3. Take-home exercise This will be a technical exercise that we expect to take 2-3 hours in total. This will resemble the kind of work you will actually do, so it helps us all assess if this is a good fit.
  4. Take-home debrief interview If we’re impressed with your exercise then we’ll discuss it with you to understand why you made certain choices and what you might have done differently

References and offer 🎉 It’s really important for us to hear from others you’ve worked with so we’ll ask you to submit 3-5 references of which we’ll call 2-3. We’ll then give you a call to provide you details of your offer and hopefully agree your start date!


We expect to reply to you within ~1 week of you submitting the application form IF we are interested in setting up a call.

Unfortunately we likely won’t be able to give you feedback if we do not move forward. We are expecting 150+ applicants for this role based on precedence and as a small team we are just too stretched to manually craft rejections at this stage.

From the short chat to the offer should take ~4 weeks. If we do not move forward with you in any of these stages then you can expect a response with some feedback.

Once we agree on the offer, we hope you can begin as soon as possible!

To apply for this job please visit

Frontend Engineer at Chameleon


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