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Frontend Engineer

We are looking for a Frontend Engineer to join the ZEBEDEE Engineering department on the Apps team. ZBD products need to be performant, reliable, secure, responsive, and accessible. As a Frontend Engineer you will be building the user experiences that our Gamers and Gamer Developers consume on a daily basis.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain both internal and client-facing applications available in the ZEBEDEE suite of products.
  • Work closely with other Engineers to help further scale and improve upon the user interfaces of products and services in the platform.
  • Take ownership over the technical direction of some internal applications.
  • Create and maintain application-wide testing suites, ensuring maximum reliability of the feature-set.
  • Create and maintain UI component systems and write concise, well-organized code and sensible tests.
  • Work to solve several technical challenges: ease-of-use, security and privacy, analytics, re-architecting for the future, etc.,
  • Work alongside ZEBEDEE Product Designers to ensure we only ship the best user interfaces to customers.
  • Work closely with the Bitcoin/Lightning Network team to help provide best user-interfaces for transaction handling and monitoring.

Skills Knowledge and Expertise

  • 3+ years of software engineering experience developing production digital products incorporating testing, and monitoring.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent practical experience.
  • Experience working in modern JavaScript toolset like React, Babel, Webpack, Jest (and others).
  • Proficiency in styling systems and solutions like Sass, Styled Components, and CSS-in-JS.
  • Experience working alongside backend application developers to interface with internal APIs.
  • Experience writing readable, maintainable code accompanied by thoughtful tests
  • Ability to learn and integrate 3rd Party SDKs or APIs on the go
  • You are self-driven and self-motivated


  • Previous experience building UI component systems/libraries.
  • Experience working on and automating UI testing suites (component and end-to-end).
  • Knowledge of, and experience working with Bitcoin and Lightning Network software.
  • Experience building automated systems for improving team-wide performance and development velocity.
  • Experience with browser extension frameworks.

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Frontend Engineer at ZEBEDEE


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