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Growth Marketing Manager at Rizzulenation Global Media

  • Full Time
  • Onsite
  • Permanent
  • Nigeria

Website Rizzulenation Global Media

Growth Marketing Manager

Job Description:

As the Growth Marketing Manager, your first assignment will be to create and implement a comprehensive 1-year strategy and budget with KPI’s that align with the company’s overall objectives.

You will be responsible for developing and executing data-driven growth strategies to drive customer acquisition, retention, and revenue growth. You will leverage various digital channels and marketing techniques to optimize the customer journey, improve conversion rates, and increase user engagement to increase revenue.

Also, you will analyze data, conduct experiments, and implement marketing campaigns to meet the company’s growth objectives.

The Ideal Candidate:

  1. Possesses strong communication skills, critical thinking skills, and a can-do attitude.
  2. Possesses a deep understanding of marketing and a track record of successfully researching, developing, and executing comprehensive 6-month to 1-year marketing strategies.
  3. Prioritizes professional development and growth within a small company.
  4. Is capable of working independently and in a team setting, and is focused on making impact.
  5. Possesses a strong work ethic and a professional demeanor.
  6. Having a strong background in art and art works is a significant advantage.


  1. Develop and implement growth and digital marketing strategies aligned with company goals.
  2. Conduct market research and identify customer segments and target audiences to drive conversion.
  3. Optimize marketing channels, including SEO, paid advertising, email marketing, and content marketing e.g., blogs, articles, etc.
  4. Analyze data to identify growth opportunities and make data-driven decisions.
  5. Develop and implement strategies and experiments to optimize conversion rates and user experience in line with company objectives.
  6. Collaborate with the Social Media Manager to align marketing efforts.
  7. Monitor key performance metrics and generate reports to track campaign performance.
  8. Research and stay updated on the latest growth marketing trends and techniques to grow and expand the brand’s reach and drive revenue.
  9. Conduct market research and analysis to identify industry trends, customer preferences, and competitive landscape, providing insights to inform marketing strategies for the company and clients (artists and artistes).
  10. Coordinate and assist in the planning and execution of company events, such as product launches, exhibitions, or promotional campaigns, ensuring effective marketing presence and brand representation.
  11. Perform any other tasks or assignments as directed by the VP of Operations.


  • Education: I really don’t care, but a bachelor’s degree is good to have.
  • Experience: Experience in growth marketing, digital marketing, or a related field, with a focus on growth marketing and customer acquisition.

1. Background:

a. Proven track record in successful growth strategy implementation.

b. Art industry experience or working with artists and artistes is a plus.


2. Technical Skills:

a. In-depth knowledge of digital marketing channels (SEO, paid advertising, email marketing, content marketing).

b. Proficiency in data analysis for data-driven decision-making.

3. Strategic Thinking and Execution:

a. Strong analytical skills for identifying growth opportunities, developing, and executing marketing strategies.

b. Experience in market research and revenue growth.

4. Communication and Collaboration:

aExcellent written and verbal communication skills for effective messaging.

b. Collaboration with cross-functional teams (social media, operations, creative).

5. Leadership and Professionalism:

a. Professionalism, attention to detail, and adaptability.

b. Strong work ethic and resilience.

6. Financial Acumen:

a. Understanding of financial management, budgeting, and ROI tracking.

7. Artistic Background and Customer Relationship Management:

a. Knowledge or background in art for industry understanding.

b. Ability to develop and maintain customer relationships.

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Growth Marketing Manager at Rizzulenation Global Media
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