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Ignite President at Tasck, Lagos. Remote.

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Ignite at TASCK is a dynamic and visionary leader responsible for overseeing all aspects of Ignite, a platform that connects creatives to social impact initiatives, fosters collaboration, and amplifies social impact work in Nigeria. This role involves strategic planning, partnership development, advocacy, fundraising, and ensuring the success of grant programs and initiatives within Ignite.


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Strategic Leadership:

    • Develop and execute a comprehensive strategy for Ignite, aligned with the company’s mission and vision.
    • Set clear goals and objectives to drive social impact, advocacy, and fundraising for creatives.
    • Provide visionary leadership to inspire and mobilize the Ignite team and stakeholders towards impactful initiatives.
  2. Partnership Development:

    • Identify and cultivate strategic partnerships with organizations, NGOs, government agencies, and philanthropic entities to support social impact initiatives and fundraising efforts.
    • Collaborate with the Business Development Manager to explore grant funding opportunities and secure resources for Ignite programs and projects.
    • Build and maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders to foster collaboration and maximize the impact of Ignite’s fundraising efforts.
  3. Grant Finding and Applications:

    • Research and identify potential grant opportunities from foundations, government agencies, and other funding sources.
    • Develop a robust understanding of eligibility criteria, guidelines, and application processes for various grants.
    • Lead the preparation and submission of grant applications, ensuring alignment with Ignite’s social impact objectives and the needs of creatives.
  4. Grant Implementation and Budgeting:

    • Oversee the implementation of funded projects and initiatives, ensuring adherence to grant requirements, timelines, and deliverables.
    • Collaborate with project teams to develop project budgets, monitor expenditures, and ensure efficient utilization of grant funds.
    • Provide guidance and support in financial management, budget tracking, and reporting related to grant-funded activities.
  5. Fundraising and Donor Engagement:

    • Develop and implement fundraising strategies to diversify Ignite’s funding streams and sustain its social impact initiatives.
    • Cultivate relationships with potential donors, sponsors, and partners to secure financial support for Ignite’s programs and projects.
    • Collaborate with the Marketing and Communications team to create compelling fundraising materials, campaigns, and events.
  6. Reporting and Impact Assessment:

    • Establish robust monitoring and evaluation systems to track the progress, outcomes, and impact of grant-funded initiatives.
    • Prepare timely and comprehensive reports for donors, showcasing the achievements, challenges, and lessons learned from funded projects.
    • Utilize data and insights to communicate the impact of Ignite’s work and leverage success stories for continued fundraising efforts.
  7. Advocacy and SDGs Framework:

    • Drive advocacy efforts within the creative community to raise awareness and promote action towards the SDGs.
    • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders, government bodies, and organizations to advocate for policies and initiatives that support social impact and creative advocacy.
    • Represent Ignite and TASCK at conferences, events, and forums to share insights, build networks, and contribute to the discourse on social impact and the SDGs.
  8. Team Leadership and Management:

    • Provide strong leadership to the Ignite team, fostering a collaborative and empowering work environment.
    • Set clear expectations, delegate responsibilities, and support professional growth and development of team members.
    • Foster a culture of innovation, inclusivity, and continuous improvement within the Ignite team.


  • Proven experience in leadership roles with a focus on social impact, advocacy, fundraising, or grant management.
  • Deep understanding of social impact initiatives, the SDGs framework, and the creative industry landscape.
  • Demonstrated experience in grant finding, applications, and managing funded projects.
  • Strong network and connections within the social impact, creative, and fundraising sectors in Nigeria.
  • Excellent communication and public speaking skills, with the ability to engage and influence diverse stakeholders.
  • Strategic thinker with the ability to translate vision into actionable plans and measurable outcomes.
  • Strong leadership and team management skills, with the ability to inspire and motivate a team towards achieving shared goals.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset with the ability to identify opportunities, navigate challenges, and drive innovation.
  • Passion for social impact, advocacy, fundraising, and creating positive change through the creative community.


As the President of Ignite, the incumbent will play a pivotal role in leveraging the creative industry to drive social impact, advocacy, and fundraising for creatives. With a strategic and collaborative approach, the President of Ignite will lead the platform towards impactful initiatives, sustainable partnerships, successful grant programs, and meaningful contributions to the broader SDGs framework and creative advocacy landscape.

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Ignite President at Tasck, Lagos. Remote.
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