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International Sales Specialist at Rukalddin International Trade

Rukalddin International Trade

International Sales Specialist

About the job

Job Summary:

Sales expert who have a good network between suppliers and buyers of petroleum products (e.g. Bitumen all grades, medium oils, base oils, chemical fertilizers and petrochemical products are the best match.

your role as the sales expert is to provide new customers for aforementioned products who are willing, ready and able to cooperate with us both on short-term procurement projects and long-terms as well.

what we call success in such position is to wind your endeavors in a way that expand your focal network in local market and overseas, reach out new real customers, present to them in a way that they understand the competitive advantages and value. and finally put them in the sales funnel.

this role is a vital role for our organization and of course for the supply chains in the bigger picture.


  • lead generation in a way that reaches to new prospects that need time and consideration to be nominated as MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads)
  • following up and enriching the MQLs, get to know about the way that they do their businesses, finding marginal chances in order to make them SQL (Sales Qualified Leads)
  • presenting the SQLs to the sales and supply team, being in touch with the team and the SQL until the sales process succeed.
  • Determine and develop user requirements for Oil, Gas, Petroleum products and Petrochemicals in order to find new opportunities in such fields.
  • Dear Candidates should consider that this job opportunity has a commission basis, which means harder you work bigger you make. Our Motto: (Salary is a medicine that employers give you to make you forget your dreams).


  • Excellent verbal and written English communication skills
  • Excellent networking and market research abilities
  • knowing the Oil, Gas & Petro markets, market trends, supply chains.
  • B2B selling and prospecting.
  • People with education in the field of international business, Import & Export, international shipping and logistics have a higher chance to get the job.
  • General geographical knowledge.
  • being familiar with down-stream petro products or having related education back-ground is a bonus.
  • having real and ready buyers at hand is a huge bonus.
  • having 1 year of related business back-ground is a must.

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International Sales Specialist at Rukalddin International Trade
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