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Investment and Treasury Sales Lead at SupportPro [By SalesPlat]

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Investment and Treasury Sales Lead

As an investment and treasury sales lead with a focus on Forex, FX, and Merchant Acquisition you will actively promote treasury products and services, managing client relationships, staying informed about market trends, and collaborating with internal teams to deliver tailored solutions to clients in the ever-evolving landscape of treasury management.


-Build and maintain strong relationships with corporate clients by understanding their treasury management needs and providing suitable solutions.

-Responsible for actively prospecting and acquiring new clients in the forex and FX market, particularly those involved in merchant services.

-Have a deep understanding of various treasury management products and services offered by the organisation.

-Assessing client requirements by analysing cash flow patterns, evaluating risk profiles, and recommending appropriate products and strategies.

-Proactively identifying potential clients and new business opportunities.

– Developing sales strategies, preparing proposals, and making presentations to prospective clients to demonstrate the value and benefits of the organisation’s treasury management offerings.

-Collaborating with internal teams such as product development, operations, credit, and legal departments to ensure seamless delivery of treasury services to clients.

-Coordinate the onboarding process and work closely with implementation teams to ensure smooth transitions for new clients.

-Stay up-to-date with industry trends, market developments, and regulatory changes related to treasury management particularly those related to forex, FX, and merchant acquisition.

-Conduct research and analysis to identify emerging client needs, competitive offerings, and potential risks.

– Assess and manage risks associated with treasury management solutions, and provide advice to clients on risk mitigation strategies and assist in the implementation of risk management frameworks.

-Conduct training sessions and workshops for clients to enhance their understanding of treasury management products and services.

– Provide ongoing support and troubleshooting assistance to ensure efficient utilisation of the organisation’s treasury solutions.

-Comply with relevant laws, regulations, and internal policies pertaining to treasury management and keeping abreast of changes in regulatory requirements and advising clients on compliance matters.

-Monitor and evaluate the performance of treasury management solutions for clients.

-Generate reports on key performance indicators, analysing data, and making recommendations for improvement or optimization.


-Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Finance, Marketing, Business administration or related discipline

-Must have a minimum of 3 years experience in treasury sales, specifically in Forex, FX, and Merchant Acquisition and 4 years experience in business development/sales.

-Strong understanding of foreign exchange markets, currency trading, hedging strategies, and market dynamics.

-Strong commercial acumen maintaining a keen focus on revenues, growth, and profitability.

-Strong analytical and communication skills for assessing client requirements, analysing data, and identifying appropriate solutions.

– Have demonstrated success building a risk based business both in strategy and execution.

-Good relationship management and negotiation skills.

-In-depth knowledge of treasury management products, services, and practices is essential.

– Familiarity with financial markets, regulatory frameworks, and compliance requirements related to treasury management.

-Strong sales skills and experience in a client-facing role are crucial.

-Proficiency in financial analysis, including the ability to evaluate cash flow patterns, assess risk profiles, and provide strategic recommendations.

– Knowledge of risk management techniques and the ability to identify and mitigate potential risks for clients.

-Proficient in using treasury management systems, financial software, and electronic banking platforms.

-Must have knowledge of relevant financial regulations, compliance requirements, and industry best practices.

-Familiarity with anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures.

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Investment and Treasury Sales Lead at SupportPro [By SalesPlat]
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