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Investor Success Associate, Future Africa

About Us

Future Africa connects investors to mission-driven startups. We turn Africa’s most difficult challenges into global business opportunities. We are recruiting an Investor Success Associate to join our awesome team.

Our mission is to build a future where purpose and prosperity are within everyone’s reach. We’ve invested in Andela and Flutterwave amongst others out of our first fund and we have about 20M USD under management. We have 50+ portfolio companies and are backed by founders of Andela, Paystack, Jumpbike and investors at Local Globe. If this sounds exciting to you, we should probably talk about working together.


In this role, you’ll often find yourself…

  • Guiding Investors through the evolving landscape of new funds and companies
  • Nurturing long-term relationships with investors and Fund Managers
  • Supporting investors in achieving their goals with a specific focus on the topics, challenges, and opportunities related to their stated interests
  • Improving investment processes, relaying requests from investors and providing product and platform feedback
  • Customizing support for individual investors, gracefully resolving investment related escalations and inquiries
  • Onboarding and educating new members, continuously finding ways to augment their experience of inclusion
  • Reviewing policies related to investment operations, vendors, and programs

Prior Experience

This role could be perfect for you if one or more of the following are true…

  • You’re an Investor At Heart: You have a knack for breaking down market information. You’re an expert in collecting disparate pieces of data and transforming them into usable insights. You’ve built your own investment portfolio and tailored it to your specific needs and interests. You relish the opportunity to do the same for others.
  • You’re a Dealmaking Trust Builder: You enjoy working with customers throughout each stage of a business deal. You like to keep everyone in the loop, following up on all deal documentation, progress, and resolutions. You have managed multiple finance-related projects, building trust in your stewardship of other people’s money.
  • You’re a Habitual Problem Solver: You literally can’t help yourself. You simply must seek out opportunities for improvement and problems to be solved. It helps that you’re an expert in simplifying complex challenges, and you’ve developed multiple solutions to help businesses navigate their unique challenges.

Job Requirements

  • Fluency in Venture Capital transactions and Angel Investor needs
  • Customer Service experience
  • Meticulous attention to details and organizational efficiency
  • Proficiency in Google Docs, Slack, Zoom, Asana (or equivalents)
  • A voracious appetite for feedback, hard work, and professional development

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Investor Success Associate at Future Africa


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