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iOS Expert

Full Time | bachelor

Job responsibilities

Responsible for mobile client software architecture design and basic component development;

Responsible for formulating key technical routes and technological evolution;

Responsible for performance and experience optimization;

Responsible for regularly evaluating work quality and progress during the development process to ensure a controllable development cycle;

Responsible for work arrangements, progress control, and team building within the IOS development group.

Job requirements:

Bachelor degree or higher, major in computer science and software engineering, more than 5 years of work experience, and at least 5 years of iOS development experience;

Proficient at iOS development, with abundant development experience, proficient at complex business development;

Deep understanding of underlying app principles, proficient in runtime, runloop, database, multi-threading, network, push and other development processes;

Experience in basic component development and architecture, able to quickly design, build, debug, or refactor large-scale software code;

Proficient in iOS UI interface, animation drawing, multi-threading, and with a deep understanding of and experience with network communication protocols such as HTTP/HTTPS/Socket;

In-depth and systematic understanding of performance optimization, and abundant practical experience;

Multi-terminal cross-platform development experience;

Inquiring spirit, good ability to learn, and strong enterprising and innovative consciousness;

Strong sense of responsibility, team spirit, and good at writing technical documents.


iOS reverse development and security protection experience;

A long-term accumulation of technology blogs, Github has released the source code.


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iOS Expert at Kucoin


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