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Pattern drafting instructor at GMYT FASHION ACADEMY

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Pattern drafting instructor

About the job

Fashion Design and Garment Construction Instructor Responsibilities:

GMYT Fashion Academy offers a dynamic learning experience for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, equipping them with industry insights and skills. The action-learning approach fosters creativity, innovation, and hands-on experience, empowering students to transform their passion for fashion into successful business ventures. Joining a vibrant community of fashion enthusiasts and industry leaders prepares them for the industry’s challenges and opportunities.

Develop and deliver engaging and comprehensive lessons on fashion design concepts, techniques, and garment construction.

SMART Goal: Increase student understanding and proficiency in fashion design and garment construction by 20% by the end of each semester.

Action Notes: Create lesson plans with clear objectives, hands-on activities, and demonstrations. Provide constructive feedback and guidance to students to enhance their skills.

Guide students in developing their design skills and creating original fashion pieces.

SMART Goal: Encourage students to create unique and innovative fashion designs through individual and group projects, resulting in at least two outstanding pieces per student per semester.

Action Notes: Provide mentorship and support to students in exploring their creativity. Offer guidance on design principles, fabric selection, and construction techniques.

Conduct critiques and provide feedback on students’ design projects.

SMART Goal: Ensure timely and constructive feedback on students’ work, conducting regular critiques at least twice a month.

Action Notes: Review and assess students’ design projects, providing feedback on their strengths and areas for improvement. Encourage peer-to-peer feedback and foster a supportive learning environment.

Stay updated on current fashion trends, industry practices, and emerging techniques.

SMART Goal: Continuously enhance personal knowledge and skills through attending industry events, workshops, and staying updated on fashion design trends and technologies.

Action Notes: Conduct research and engage in professional development activities to stay informed about the latest fashion design trends, techniques, and industry advancements.

Collaborate with other instructors and industry professionals to enhance the learning experience.

SMART Goal: Foster collaborative projects and workshops with other instructors and industry experts to provide students with diverse perspectives and industry insights.

Action Notes: Collaborate with colleagues and invite guest speakers from the fashion industry to share their expertise. Facilitate interdisciplinary projects that integrate design, business, and technology.

Assess student performance and provide progress reports.

SMART Goal: Evaluate students’ progress based on defined criteria and provide comprehensive progress reports at the end of each semester.

Action Notes: Develop assessment rubrics and conduct fair evaluations of students’ work. Provide detailed feedback to students and communicate their strengths and areas for improvement.

Create a positive and inclusive learning environment.

SMART Goal: Foster a supportive and inclusive classroom environment where students feel comfortable expressing their creativity and exploring their potential.

Action Notes: Encourage open communication, respect diversity, and promote a culture of collaboration and creativity. Address any issues or concerns raised by students promptly and professionally.

Qualification Requirements:

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Fashion Design or a related field.

Extensive experience in fashion design and garment construction.

Strong knowledge of fashion industry trends, techniques, and technologies.

Excellent communication and presentation skills.

Ability to mentor and inspire students.

Creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Strong organizational and time management skills.

Note: The above responsibilities and qualification requirements are subject to change based on the specific needs and curriculum of GMYT Fashion Academy.

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Pattern drafting instructor at GMYT FASHION ACADEMY
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