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Procurement Manager at NXT Grid

  • Full Time
  • Onsite
  • Permanent
  • Lagos

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Procurement Manager


We are looking for a Procurement Manager for Nigeria for NXT Grid, a one-stop shop for solar mini-grids, that makes it simple and easy for developers to build and operate solar mini-grids. If you are detail oriented, painstakingly granular and a perfectionist, then keep on reading!

The Procurement Manager role is a full-time job with flexible hours and your location will be focused to where our office and storage locations are within Lagos. At times you will travel to solar mini-grid sites in rural Nigeria as well. As the title suggests, this is a position very much focused on managing all procurement relating to operations with a primary focus on tracking movements of materials. Being the Procurement Manager of NXT Grid Nigeria will require a lot of double checks, attention to detail and following up on staff to ensure all is done according to process. You are both a people and a process-oriented person and you are enthusiastic at the idea of being useful to others by preempting their needs.

We are a young company, so expect to be stretched. You will be a critical part of the team, ensuring that everyone is always able to perform at their best, thanks to the careful, constant work you put in ensuring that all of the team and projects have everything they need to run smoothly. At times you will be asked to handle smaller tasks such as getting sim cards and at other times you may have to ensure nothing is missing on that truck that has just been loaded to build the next solar mini-grid. You will be the person our engineers will thank wholeheartedly when their tools show up at the right place and right time. We are a company focused on growth, and your contribution will be key in keeping order and tracking everything in the storage locations, solar mini-grid sites and office(s).

You will be responsible for:

  • Tracking all stock movements in the company i.e. office, storage locations, solar mini-grids
  • Other day to day procurement activities may include documents delivery, sim card setups, office utilities management, managing suppliers, insurance processing
  • Additional responsibilities as they appear, given our growing and evolving company

Thanks to your work, NXT Grid will have a smooth stock management system, a well functioning team and very grateful employees. This means that, while NXT Grid will enjoy smoother operations, local mini-grid developers will experience faster solar mini-grid deployment. In other words, your work will be essential to making operations leaner and faster.

As with many young companies, a lot of the development processes are not yet in place. While this makes the challenge all the more exciting and gives a higher degree of freedom, it also means that you are expected to be independent, resourceful, and able to solve problems; if something is broken, fix it!


Technical Skills (Required)

  • Google Workplace suite (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive etc)

Other Competencies

  • Fluent spoken and written English;
  • Proactive: you must be able to notice issues, and naturally want to fix things in a structured/orderly manner
  • Engineering or similar background preferred

You should join us if:

  • You want to be part of a small, growing team where your work will have a direct impact on the direction and success of the company
  • You want to grow your critical thinking skills. As one of the first employees, you will have the opportunity to develop the procurement and stock management processes
  • You have a drive for impact and care about working on clean energy deployment and rural electrification
  • You enjoy working closely with a small, tight-knit team in an informal environment
  • You want to join a team that believes all of the above is possible, and that you can have fun every step of the way

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Procurement Manager at NXT Grid
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