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Product Owner Intern at Leap Room

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Product Owner Intern

Our client is Influenic, an influencer management platform whose primary objective is to tap into the potential of small influencers who struggle to secure brand deals and offer them a service that handles brand outreach and partnerships.

(Think: What does Jake Paul’s Talent Manager do? And how can we scale that down to a creator with 5,000 followers?)

They are looking for a driven individual to join their team and take this concept from ideation to execution.

Role Details:

·        This is part time, and early stage. The founder advocates you to take and search for other work while working on this project. This should be part of a portfolio of your experiences and small bets.

·        The role is remote.

·        Stipend – $300 – $500/month, depending on candidate experience



  • Spearhead the creation of an Influencer Management service, taking it from concept to launch.
  • Identify (or hire out someone to) a portfolio of small influencers.
  • Develop list of brands for collaborations and partnerships.
  • Develop and research a list of compelling features for the platform that align with both brand and influencer needs. (What will draw influencers to sign up?)
  • Conceptualise a targeted marketing strategy to attract small influencers.
  • Monitor and report on the effectiveness of the marketing strategy and adjust as necessary.
  • Stay updated on industry trends and adapt the strategy accordingly.
  • Regularly communicate with influencers and brands to ensure satisfaction and understand their needs.


·        Understanding of the influencer industry, including trends, challenges, and opportunities.

·        Ability or desire to take a concept from ideation to launch.

·        Experience working with brands on influencer marketing campaigns is preferred

·        Experience building and managing relationships with influencers and brands is preferred

·        Understanding of social media or the trending world.

·        You will likely also help with hiring and contracting out work, posting jobs for gig workers, and streamlining this process. This will be a phenomenal way to gain experience growing a very early stage project, from HR/Management to marketing.

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Product Owner Intern at Leap Room
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