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We’re a marketing agency focused on content & SEO and we’re looking for a Project Manager to help manage projects alongside a team of strategists, editors and content creators for our clients, fast-growth B2B SaaS companies. We’re growing fast and we need help!

  • Project Manager
    • You’re client-facing and you’ll be the client’s main contact person during their relationship with Flying Cat.
    • You’ll manage a portfolio of 4-7 clients, depending on their size.
  • Role: You’re in charge of retaining and expanding the client, ensuring they’re happy and listened to, that everything goes out on time, and that the right workflows are in place for the team to execute the client’s goals.
  • Full-time: Around 35 hours/week.
  • Start date: We’re aiming to get someone by the start of February.
  • Experience required: You should have demonstrable experience managing clients and content marketing and/or SEO projects. We care that you are very friendly, confident, extremely organized and well-spoken.
  • Location: 100% remote but we prefer US time zones with some overlap in Europe. You’ll manage your own time, but there should be some kind of overlap in “office hours” we can count on.
  • Work culture: Lots of ownership, accountability, support, processes, and really nice and smart people. We have a #wins channel where everyone gives shout-outs to one another, and let me tell you it is on fire! We never work on weekends and we schedule messages to avoid people getting any outside of office hours. You’ll have regular calls with clients but you make your schedule as you need!
  • Compensation: $35k-$40k/year + profit sharing + commission for upsells
    • Free access to mental health therapists
    • GrowthMentor membership
    • Unlimited PTO
  • ⚠️ You must be able to invoice as a freelancer from your country, and you must be able to easily accept payment from Europe.

About the role

Project managers are responsible for organizing the projects and stakeholders, keeping the client in the loop and happy, and helping build workflows and provide what the team needs to execute.

If we were creating a movie, you’d be the producer, the strategist would be the director, and the content editorial team would be the actors.

You’ll be doing stuff like:

  • Leading monthly calls with clients and checking in with them regularly.
  • Building content operations workflows and staying on top of deadlines and all stakeholders.
  • Going into the client’s CMS and uploading content, re-optimizing pieces according to the strategist’s instructions, and making sure things are working correctly.
  • Managing budgets, managing calendars (editorial calendar & freelancer availabilities).
  • Onboarding clients, managing expectations, and guiding them through the process.
  • Working with the ops team to automate processes and help streamline all client fulfilment workflows.
  • Creating expansion proposals for the clients and upselling them.

What’s important to us

Accountability—that doesn’t only mean doing your work, but holding yourself accountable to take care of your health (physical & mental). We provide access to therapists and try to maintain decent working hours, but you need to be able to speak up and take care of yourself and that you can communicate if your workload ever gets too crazy.

Experience required: 

Basic experience in digital marketing / digital project management: We’re not looking for an expert project manager, but ideally you’ll have managed content calendars and a team before, you’ve worked in systems like Asana, Trello or ClickUp and you know WordPress well. Most of all, you’re resourceful and self-motivated and you’re good at working with a bunch of people with different needs.

Process-oriented: We are big on building processes and systems and documenting everything. We don’t want you to just blindly follow them, we want you to contribute to those very processes yourself.

Tools we use:

Ideally, you know these tools well or you’re willing to learn them:

  • ClickUp
  • Zapier
  • ActiveCampaign
  • MailChimp
  • WordPress
  • Canva
  • Slack
  • Google Suite: Spreadsheets & Google Docs

Who we’re looking for (skills)

  • People-person & high EQ
    • You’ll be the client’s main contact with Flying Cat Marketing, so it’s important that you love dealing with people, that you’re confident, have high EQ, are a great listener and take feedback like a champ. (It is me you seek).
  • Extremely organized
    • You’re the holder of the workflows, the deadlines, and the calendars—if you don’t stay on top of it, it will all fall apart—and there are lots of moving parts.
  • Process-oriented
    • Our DNA runs on processes, SOPs and automations, and you’ll have a direct role in helping shape them.
  • Tech-savvy
    • We use a lot of tools that some might get overwhelmed by, like ClickUp and spreadsheets. You’ll be living in those so it’s important you’re comfortable there.
  • Growth-minded
    • We’re a startup, so it’s important you’re genuinely curious about learning about the work that we do, the industries our clients operate in, and how all the work we do can directly contribute to our client’s growth.
  • Initiative-taker
    • Sometimes we won’t have the solution yet, sometimes we can’t instruct you what to do. We provide all the support we can, but sometimes you’ll have to build a project yourself from scratch with a lot of unknown variables and lots of potential for failure. Some people hate that, and some people love the challenge. This position is for the latter.
    • The code phrase is in parentheses in the first bullet point of this list of skills.
  • Experience that will really help you get noticed, but isn’t required
    • Content marketing/SEO management (in-house or agency experience)
    • Coding knowledge
    • Active LinkedIn user

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