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Sales Supervisor at Kyosk, Lagos

  • Full Time
  • Mid-level
  • Onsite
  • Lagos



Position: Sales Supervisor

Base location: Lagos / Ogun (Nigeria)

Reports to: Territory Manager


Role Profile:

We are looking for a talented person to join our Sales team as a supervisor tasked with managing our commercial deliverables in Agro Processors, Food Manufacturing companies etc. space. You will maintain relationship with these Agro processors and Kyosk Sourcing team to support order generation and fulfilment.



  1. Customer Acquisition and Onboarding
  • Mastering the Target market and generating an ambitious number of leads within the market in the designated region or category
  • Tabulating a Sales Pipeline for lead validation
  • Perfecting one’s sales pitch to articulate different value propositions to different stakeholders
  • Mastering the suitable acquisition channels and maximizing on them
  • Meeting the minimum agreed target for registrations and onboardings in line with the set sales projections
  1. Revenue Generation and Growth
  • Converting prospects into Sales
  • Increasing Basket sizes by Upselling and Crossing
  • Opening up new markets within the same category
  • Leveraging on referrals from the existing Customer base
  • Establishing networks with non-conflicting players in the same space for more business development
  • Attaining the set revenue targets month on month
  • Ensure 100% collection of receivables
  1. People Management and Development:
  • Recruit and manage a motivated and aggressive team to deliver the sales mandate.
  • Schedule frequent one on one sessions with the team members to evaluate performance, identify areas of development and address any challenges.
  • Analyze, develop and monitor performance quality measures for the department.
  • Deliver training needs from time to time.

  1. Customer Retention
  • Creating reliability by always keeping in touch with the customers
  • Conducting regular spot-checks to ensure good service delivery
  • Maintaining a feedback log from the clients to keep improving customer experience day by day
  • Develop a check-in schedule for different touch points and maintain this on a calendar
  • Advocate for customer satisfaction to all departments
  • Formulate a reward policy for loyal customers e.g discounts
  • Manage client relationships, introduce clients to new and additional products and ensure client retention.
  • Conduct autonomous customer satisfaction surveys to capture additional areas of improvement and feedback
  1. Corporate Positioning 
  • Understand the go to market strategy for each product and appropriately execute sales.
  • Promoting the Farm & Fresh  Brand to be a market lead
  • Promoting the Framers vision for Farm & Fresh
  • Give presentations, seminars and briefings to clients articulating Farm & Fresh Value Proposition.
  1. Providing Market Insights
  • Gather relevant intel/ information within the market and forward to the company for analysis and strategy changes.
  1. Digital transformation
  • Pushing for 100% digital migration to the Kwikbasket buyer mobile app or web app
  • Maximizing on the uptake of the available financial services on the platform to realize true value of the customer
  1. Data Analysis and reporting.
  • Interpret various consumption data patterns to the customer.
  • Generate sales reports as per the set targets and KPIs for ease of performance analysis.


  1. Number of Prospect Visits weekly
  2. Number of New Prospect registrations weekly
  3. % Growth for active customers – Customer Retention
  4. % Revenue Growth from existing customers
  5. % Revenue Generation from New customers
  6. No. of training delivered per month.


  • Bachelor’s degree/Diploma in sales and marketing or related field.
  • 4-5 years’ working experience in B2B sales preferably in the FMCG/Fresh produce Industry in supervisory role. .
  • Experience in HORECA (Commodity or commercial kitchen) sales  is an added advantage
  • Experience working in customer-based roles, proven sales track record and contribution to business growth
  • Aptitude in delivering attractive presentations.
  • Overall knowledge of standard sales process and sales cycle.
  • Proven experience in initiating sales meetings.
  • Experience in cold calling and engaging potential customers.
  • Ability to interpret and echo the stages of a sales pipeline.
  • Experience managing a team and driving performance.
  • Compliance with customer service standards and proper customer relationship management.
  • Thorough understanding of the industry and negotiating techniques.
  • Able to utilize different Sales automation tools such as CRM.

Personal Attributes 

  • Demonstrate high levels of integrity.
  • Ability to communicate both inside and outside the organization, Formal presentation.
  • Ability to write complex reports.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Quality work output contributes to team success, initiating action, applied learning.
  • Seeks continuous learning.
  • Formal presentation.
  • Result and solution oriented.
  • Savvy relationship builder.


About the Company:

At Kyosk.App we take immense pride in our role as a Business to Business Technology Platform. We are dedicated to bridging the gap in digital distribution to middle and low-income communities, including smallholder farmers. Our platform is truly product and service agnostic, empowering companies to connect with these communities through local retail outlets.

Today, we are thrilled to share that we serve a thriving community of over 250,000 Retailers on our Platform. We leverage the small retail outlets as a channel to connect with these communities by providing a seamless and direct link between suppliers, traditional retailers as well as farmers and local eateries. Across Africa over 60% of retail trade flows through these small outlets commonly referred to as kiosks. We are on a mission to provide them with an extensive range of high-quality products, all delivered reliably to their doorsteps at fair market prices.

We also help manufacturers and farmers expand their network and product range by providing last mile deliveries to hard-to reach communities as well as data for better demand and business planning.

The platform does not only support product distribution but also helps service providers such as financial institutions to reach and provide their services (for example credit, savings and insurance) to the communities via our network of small retail outlet – Kiosks. Kyosk is present in over 40 territories across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Nigeria.

Looking forward to you reaching out if you are interested in being considered to be a part of Kyosk.App’s success story.

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Sales Supervisor at Kyosk, Lagos
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