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Senior Full Stack Engineer

Decagon is Nigeria’s fastest growing software engineering institute with a mission to propel Nigeria to become a top 10 software engineering nation within a decade.

Our team is made up of thinkers, innovators and go-getters who are all out to ensure that this mission is achieved. We value passionate and down-to-earth people who are driven to get things done as well as find creative solutions to problems. We recognize that our strength and success are directly linked to the talent and skills of our team members and a lean approach to our work.

We are now looking to add Senior Full Stack Engineers to our growing team.

Location: Remote

Reports To: CTO

Front End Engineer (Mobile + Web)

  • Programming Languages & Frameworks
  • Mobile
  • React Native
  • Android/iOS
  • Web
  • React
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • API
  • GraphQL & Rest API -> PostgreSQL


  • Mobile Development 
  • Ability to implement React Native screens and features effectively.
  • Ability to implement React Native screens/features from Figma designs.
  • Deep understanding of React Native best practices and the ability to refactor code to meet those high-performance standards.
  • Experience with Android/iOS Native Code to resolve issues with React Native or achieve a higher performance mobile application experience.
  • Experience with Deep Linking and customizing app behavior based on deep links.
  • Experience with Notifications – ability to add user interactions/options in the Push Notifications.
  • Experience with Big Data mobile applications and can implement pagination / infinite scroll effectively.
  • Experience with running background processes on mobile phone, i.e. current location updates.
  • Web Development 
  • Ability to implement React and/or HTML/Javascript/CSS to create responsive and clean web applications that integrate with 1st & 3rd Party APIs.
  • Experience with Big Data web applications and can implement pagination / infinite scroll effectively.
  • General Development 
  • Ability to understand a data model.
  • Experience with 3rd Party API Integrations.
  • Understanding of building reusable code and frameworks.
  • Ability to implement features sometimes without an exact design, however style guides will be available.
  • Ability to design and scope solutions given a business requirement. Ability to translate business requirements to code requirements effectively.
  • Ability to understand backend requirements to implement a front-end feature. Encouraged to make backend/database requests needed to support front-end features.
  • Experience with highly data-intensive applications that should still provide a clean user experience while data is collected and processed for the UI.
  • Experience with Payment APIs to accept payments, both transactional and subscription based payments.
  • Experience with image and other media processing, i.e. images, videos, audio, GIF files, etc.
  • Ability to toggle features on and off based on internal and/or user configuration.
  • Ability to identify, log and prioritize issues in the backlog.
  • Nice to Have 
  • Mobile Development 
  • Experience with data caching.
  • Ability to recover from mobile app crashes and handle them effectively.
  • Experience with the Google Maps API + React Native Maps Library w/ Google Backend.
  • Experience with chat applications and bots.
  • Experience with UI animations.
  • Ability to write unit tests for core functionality.
  • Web Development 
  • Ability to implement Open Source projects with customizations.
  • Ability to implement clean and responsive landing pages from scratch, Webflow or design file.
  • General Development 
  • Understanding of sharing models and user privacy concepts.
  • Ability to implement multi-login authentication methods. From scratch using 3rd Party APIs directly OR using frameworks such as Firebase Auth – i.e. Facebook Login, Apple Login, Google Login, etc.
  • Experience with Maps and achieving optimal performance.
  • Experience with social platform APIs – i.e. Facebook API, Instagram API, Google Maps API, Twitter API, etc.
  • Understanding of geo-spatial technologies and how to interact with location data.
  • Experience with UI theme switching (light/dark mode)
  • Experience with language internationalization concepts – translation/i18n workbench.
  • Initial Projects
  • uGeo – React Native Mobile Application
  • New Features
  • Paid Features
  • Existing UX Enhancements & Maintenance
  • Existing UX, Data and API Usage Optimizations
  • Web Forms & Applications
  • Provide a Web Interface to some uGeo functionality.
  • Landing Pages (source could be from scratch, templates, Webflow, HubSpot, or other)

Back End Engineer (API + Data Processing/Automation)

  • Programming Languages & Frameworks 
  • API
  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • GraphQL via PostGraphile and Apollo
  • Micro-Services/Tasks
  • Python
  • Celery
  • Database
  • PostgreSQL
  • 3rd Party APIs – Many and growing list.

Benefits of Working at Decagon:

  • Decagon offers an energized, upbeat environment that strongly fosters employee work- life balance.
  • A work culture that rewards goal-oriented professionals who enjoy meeting challenges heads-on.
  • Great/flexible work-culture – as long as you get the work done.
  • Amazing personal growth experience – at one of the fastest growing start-ups in Nigeria.
  • Working with a motivated and talented team.
  • More importantly, an opportunity to transform the Software Engineering ecosystem in Nigeria and beyond.

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Senior Full Stack Engineer at Decagon


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