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Senior GameMaker Developer at Webb Technology

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Senior GameMaker Developer

Your Impact

You hold the power to shape the very core of our game, unleashing intense gameplay mechanics and crafting heart-pounding experiences. Your mission will be to harness your creativity and technical prowess to translate our wildest ideas into awe-inspiring virtual worlds. Working closely with our elite team, you’ll be the architect of gaming thrills that’ll keep even the most hardcore gamers on the edge of their seats.


  • Forge exhilarating gameplay mechanics, mind-bending systems, and jaw-dropping features using the mighty GameMaker Studio.
  • Collaborate with our elite minds to fine-tune game mechanics, striking the perfect balance between pure adrenaline and strategic challenge.
  • Weave your coding wizardry to conjure clean, efficient, and mind-blowing lines of code that power our heart-stopping gameplay elements.
  • Unleash your debugging prowess, swiftly crushing technical gremlins that dare to hinder the immersive experience.
  • Elevate our creative sessions with your ideas and fearless innovation, fuelling the fire that sets our game apart from the mundane.


  • You’re a master of GameMaker Studio, with a battle-hardened command over GML
  • A deep understanding of the very essence of gaming: the mechanics, the thrills, and the raw emotions that grip indie gamers.
  • The ability to thrive both as a solitary force and a valued member of our elite squad.
  • You’re a problem-solving virtuoso, leaving no bug or flaw unscathed.

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Senior GameMaker Developer at Webb Technology
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