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Senior Platform Engineer at


Senior Platform Engineer

About the role

We are looking for a Senior Platform Engineer who has a Product mindset and appreciates the benefits of automation and Infrastructure as Code. Our aim in Platform Engineering is to:

  • Create core components in AWS that support applications serving millions of requests a day
  • Advocate best practices to our growing team of best-in-class developers
  • Create an easy path to production with the right level of abstraction
  • Contribute to environment stability and security, and participate in on-call rota (paid)

Our tech stack

AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, EC2, ECS, MySQL (RDS), Cloudwatch, S3, Go, PagerDuty, JIRA, Github, Bitbucket, ElasticSearch, CircleCI.


  • Modernising our infrastructure and moving workloads to Kubernetes, working collaboratively with Engineering.
  • Rethinking our environments to reduce differences between production and development environments and support our growing QA team.
  • Spin up isolated environments on demand using Infrastructure as Code (IaC).
  • Working with our Engineering team to find tools and processes which increase efficiency and velocity to deploy features to our growing product.

Required skills and experience

  • Kubernetes – You have deployed and maintained a production Kubernetes cluster. You are confident in dealing with failures and creating an easy deployment path for developers
  • AWS – You have used AWS in a professional environment, created a self-healing infrastructure, understand the pitfalls, and have a passion for learning more.
  • Networking – You can explain TLS handshake, and understand different protocols and when to use them. You can troubleshoot network issues.
  • Linux – You are comfortable using commands to interact with the filesystem, checking for any issues.
  • CI/CD – You have set up pipelines and can advise teams on best practices, and create templates that developers can use.
  • Soft Skills – You are a team player, open to hearing other people’s views and opinions
  • Docker – You have Dockerized applications, understand the concepts and can use it effectively.
  • Troubleshooting – You can confidently debug issues across a varying amount of services and platforms from networking, database, and application layers. You can follow runbooks and create them where necessary.
  • Databases – You have experience working with MySQL and No-SQL (like MongoDB) databases
  • Monitoring/Telemetry – You have previous experience setting up dashboards and queries for other teams/business KPIs, know how to use it effectively to find information quickly,
  • Software Engineering – You have experience writing code in a modern programming language and are interested in creating tooling that will help your internal customers.
  • Terraform – You know about Environment Parity and Code Drift, can write modules, do Code Reviews and push to improve code quality.

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Senior Platform Engineer at
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