Senior Platform Engineer at Migo

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Senior Platform Engineer

Migo is an embedded lending platform that enables companies to extend credit to consumers and small businesses in their own apps. Migo builds proprietary machine learning algorithms to assess credit risk using the company’s data, then automates credit facilities via cutting-edge cloud infrastructure.

As a Senior platform engineer, you will architect and develop new microservices from scratch, as well as support and evolve existing microservices. You will have the opportunity to build services to integrate with new financial partners and to serve new markets. You will create project specifications and lead projects to completion. We would look to you to implement best practices in development and system architecture. This position can be worked remotely from anywhere in Nigeria!

You should be a talented software developer, able to write clean, efficient, and readable code. You should be skilled at coving your code with unit tests and other automated tests. You are comfortable as a member of a team, able to contribute to and improve a codebase developed by your coworkers. You are a clear and concise communicator, with an ability to discuss ideas with a wide range of stakeholders, both technical and non-technical. You appreciate hearing different points of view and wait to hear others’ point of view before offering your own. You have a pragmatic approach to building systems, see multiple ways of solving problems, and are able to discuss the tradeoffs of each solution. You bring with you a depth and breadth of experience using many different technologies. You are empathetic, self-aware and respect all cultures. You are fun and enlightening to work with, and you have a good work/life balance with hobbies and interests you are happy to share with others.

When you come to work at Migo, you can be assured that your work will be meaningful. You will spend your days solving challenging problems alongside smart and capable colleagues. Daily decisions here have tangible and immediate impact on millions of people. You will be given both the respect and the latitude to drive best-practices for building world-class systems. You will be fully supported by executive management, many of whom have engineering backgrounds. One day you will look back and realize that you did some of the best work of your career here. You will have significantly increased your positive impact on the world. Migo is growing quickly and operating in a trillion-dollar market with few competitors. Your equity has a high chance of producing significant upside.


  • Java, with some Python and (legacy) Scala
  • Micronaut / Flask for microservices and APIs
  • Docker and Kubernetes to package and run services on AWS
  • Pulsar for event streaming and queueing
  • Ansible for cloud configuration
  • React / React Native for UI development- Swagger (OpenAPI) for API documentation
  • On-premise servers for data processing and extraction at our partners


  • Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • Five years of experience building production-quality software infrastructure
  • Fluency in Java
  • Experience in architecting, designing and delivering medium-to-large-scale projects to production
  • Track record of delivering large, multi-faceted projects with little guidance
  • Experience at a rapidly growing startup or with cutting-edge teams at a larger tech company
  • Experience designing and building RESTful microservices using modern technologies e.g. Docker and Kubernetes
  • Experience working on large scale, distributed systems
  • Experience working with AWS or other cloud-based services
  • Experience writing unit tests and other automated tests

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Senior Platform Engineer at Migo


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