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Senior SEO Manager at Codeless, Remote.

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Job description

Job Title: Senior SEO Manager

About The Company: uSERP

uSERP is a performance-driven SEO firm serving venture-backed software and tech-enabled companies like, Robinhood, ActiveCampaign, and 100s more.
We’re a diverse team of SEO experts spanning the globe, with a home-base in the United States. We’re a team of 40+ fully remote members doing amazing projects with industry-transforming clients, publicly traded companies, and technological unicorns.

Sound fun? Come join us.

About the Senior SEO Manager Role

We are looking for a veteran SEO to become our Director of SEO, working under our VP of SEO Strategy.

The ideal candidate will bring extensive, real-world knowledge of holistic SEO. That means technical, content, and link building. You’ll work closely with other team members, and on direct client work — the majority of your role is directing, guiding, and leading SEO strategy for our clients, many of which are billion-dollar, publicly traded companies.

Do you read about SEO daily? Do you keep up with best practices?

Then you’d be a great fit for our company culture, and vision we’ve set: become the best SaaS SEO agency.

Our mission is serious, and runs deep within the company culture: we are all building towards something meaningful. If it sounds cheesy, lame, or “over the top” — this isn’t the right fit for you.

Responsibilities of a Senior SEO Manager

  • Know your craft and stay on top of changes in the industry to ensure the best client experience!
  • Ensure client satisfaction and ROI
    • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for “successful” organic search campaigns that are understandable and complement overall marketing/business objectives
    • Develop and Implement SEO Strategy
    • Measure and analyze ROI as set by you and the client
    • Analyze and understand complex SEO issues or needs to produce simple explanations and specific action plans that support the client’s SEO strategy
    • Keyword ranking analysis and research for forecasting to improve rankings and traffic
    • Use competitive analysis and keyword research to maintain optimal retention rate and client satisfaction
    • Regularly analyze traffic, keyword rankings and site performance
    • Explain SEO traffic performance and search engine algorithm changes to the clients
  • Work with internal and external teams to develop an SEO and link building strategy
  • Assist sales team with presentations
  • Stay up to date with SEO trends and current with latest SEO technologies

Monthly Campaign Evaluation and Reporting:

  • Monitor, evaluate and adjust strategy based on campaign results
  • Set SEO goals for the upcoming month based on analysis and strategy
  • Be ready to appropriately respond to client questions
  • Take data and turn it into actionable insights to adjust strategy on a monthly basis
  • Be personally responsible for monitoring and reaching your quota of client hours each month with zero carryover hours
  • Meet or exceed daily billable goals of up to 6.8 billable client hours per day while balancing internal meetings
  • Using the project management tool, assess each client’s project task status and progress on day to day basis
  • Keep up to date on open action items/tasks lists that may involve other departments in support of your SEO efforts
  • Be proactive with client results and communication with the internal team and externally with client
  • Ongoing communication with multiple teams is expected



  • Must maintain excellent communication (written and verbal), organization and time management skills.
  • This is a client-facing role.
    • The ideal candidate is someone who is upbeat and does not mind jumping on video calls with clients or with multiple team members
    • You’re expected to work from a remote environment that has a professional background for video calls
  • Minimum of 4 years experience SEO and SEO strategy
    • Strong understanding of technical SEO (sitemaps, crawl budget, canonicalization,, etc) and SEO based Content Strategy
  • Strong proficiency using the following tools: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMRush & Ahrefs, (or similar), Google Sheets.
  • Must feel comfortable making independent decisions while also determining the need to escalate challenges to other departments or senior leadership
  • Flexibility to take on and handle other tasks or projects as assigned
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and manage multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously
  • This person would also have the willingness to assist other SEO’s with their tasks and work in a remote team environment

What Our Team Values

We are a fully remote company, so we expect you to manage your time and responsibilities with no in-person oversight.

On the flip side, that means we don’t micromanage you, track your time, and make you punch in and out. We aren’t interested in babysitting you. We’re interesting in fostering your success and the success of the team.

We believe in giving people tasks and getting out of their way.

We value:

  • Teamwork: we’re fully remote and thrive on being a cohesive team that communicates and helps each other succeed.
  • Transparency: tell things how they are. We want unimpeachable character.
  • Commitment: to your team, your clients, the company, and most importantly: yourself and continual growth.
  • Bias towards action: startups thrive on action. Theory can only get you so far. If you prefer taking action and getting it done, you’ll fit in well here.
  • Desire to win: we aren’t here to just exist as a random SEO agency. We are here to become the best in this space. New challenges and fast growth should be music to your ears.

Want to be a part of our accelerated growth, working with billion dollar brands to scale their organic rankings? We want you on the team 😃

Job requirements

  • 4+ years SEO experience
  • Holistic SEO Knowledge (technical, on-page, content, link building, digital PR)
  • Ability to explain that knowledge to others
  • Confident + deep knowledge on subject matter
    • You will be talking to CMOs and VPs at publicly traded companies.
    • If you can’t have a real conversation and explain the details to people in real time, this isn’t the position for you
  • Must be comfortable with Zoom / video calls

To apply for this job please visit

Senior SEO Manager at Codeless, Remote.
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