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Studio Manager

– Monthly Net Income Target– The Manager shall ensure that all staff meets/exceed their positional requirements as set out in the approved monthly budgets and that the net income target for the month is achieved/exceeded by keeping costs within range and achieving/exceeding the revenue targets for the month. Failure to meet the monthly net income target shall be completely unacceptable.

  •        – Enforcement of Staff Performance and Incentive Scheme: in order to ensure the entire organization operates as a high-performance business at all times, the Manager shall ensure every employee has a monthly scorecard from which a monthly performance score would be derived.
  •        – The Manager would generate a “Monthly Staff Performance Schedule’  in the first week of each succeeding month showing the performance scores of each staff and their respective categorization into Star Performer, Average Performer, and Poor Performer (Laggard).
  •        –  This monthly scorecard would be situated within the framework of an incentive/sanction scheme whereby employees that meet/exceed their targets would be paid an agreed rule-based monthly cash bonus while employees who are categorized as underperformers would be exited from the system by the manager after expiration of the agreed tolerance period
  •        – Service Delivery Quality – high-quality service shall be the hallmark of Mint Studios and the Manager shall ensure every client served by the company gives a rating (much like Uber rating) on the service received.
  •        – The Manager shall ensure the service ratings are captured and collated on a staff/team basis such that each customer-serving staff/team has a composite service quality rating at the end of the month which would be a strong factor in arriving at the Monthly performance Score of each employee
  •        – Discipline and Enforcement of Corporate Value – the Manager shall ensure all employees obey and comply with the extant policies and procedures at Mint Studios including timely arrival at work daily, intolerance for absenteeism, observance of professional work ethics by all staff, prevention of corrupt practices, theft and other forms of malfeasance.
  •        – Record Keeping and Management Reports: The Manager shall ensure adequate record keeping of all transactions using a designated subscription-based web application.
  •        – The Manager shall ensure appropriate schedules are maintained for all business activities in the company to show a clear view of the revenue, expenses, and services rendered during the period.
  •        – Equipment Protection and Maintenance – the Manager shall ensure all equipment (drones, cameras, computers, etc.) is complete and kept in safe custody at all times, such that they are free from damage and in the good functional condition through prescheduled maintenance, periodic inspections, etc.


  •        – Prior experience in the industry.
  •        – Minimum academic qualification of bachelor’s degree in a related field.
  •        – 3 – 4 years of working experience
  •        –  Excellent time management and organization skills.
  •        – Great interpersonal skills.
  •        –  Proficiency with studio equipment.
  •       –   Excellent knowledge of industry-related software.

Understands the ins and outs of video production, especially occurring within a studio

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Studio Manager at Jobberman
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