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Success Manager – Protocols & DAO at Blockswap network

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Success Manager – Protocols & DAO

Blockswap is a permissionless middle layer for Web3 ensuring blockchain benefits accessible to mainstream users.

Blockswap Labs, a core contributor to the Blockswap Network, is building a suite of products to support the Ethereum Proof of Stake benefits to be accessible for mainstream users and protocols. We are consistently trying to push the envelope, solving some of the most challenging problems in Ethereum and its Rollup Ecosystem for Defi and Web 3. We delivered Industry’s first 60 secs ETH staking, Keyless recovery for Etheruem Validators, and Restakng collectives via Liquid Staking Derivatives that enable anyone to have a validator for 4 ETH.

Our team is one of the most impactful and knowledgeable in Cross-chain Communication and introduced bridgeless multichain liquidity. We are a very diverse, globally distributed team and a key proponent of the Rollup-centric future of Ethereum. We focus on last-mile user onboarding, and our ecosystem has grown from strength to strength.

The company was founded by leading cross-chain specialists and DeFi engineers. We are a small team crushing the scene with a passion for a decentralized future, currently active on MEV, Bridgeless multichain token transfers, and liquidity management.

The Role
We are looking to expand our commercial and DAO team with a Network Ecosystem Success Manager. Who is well-versed in the Ethereum ecosystem, has excellent knowledge, and actively discusses ETH staking, MEV, Rollups, and decentralized node running services.

This position will form a centric part of our protocol-centric research that helps formulate and iterate protocols integrations efforts more impactful. The candidate must possess very data-driven techniques and research capabilities to focus on the most critical aspect of communicating the value proposition with the Ethereum Ecosystem.

This is not an analyst role; the candidate must actively involve users and the ecosystem to compile them as feedback; if you are looking for a passive role, this is not for you.


Ecosystem Growth**
Grow Network DAO participation and execute strategies that grow the builders and shepherd growth proposals and token incentive programs for protocol adoption.
Publish content, enhance materials on Ethereum and ecosystem partners forum, conduct workshops, and engage in cross-community collaboration for democratized MEV, LSD, and ETH staking opportunities in general.
Integration Experience
Facilitate hands-on integration resource support for Blockswap products working with potential partners and integrations to optimize the onboarding materials, walkthrough videos, documentation repackaging, etc. Translate an integration by proactively identifying a POC for their product.
Builders Coordination**
Keep track of the community-driven build programs, nurture partners, and work closely with marketing and engineering teams to deliver the best ecosystem experience continuously.
You shall have subject matter expertise of both Blockswap protocols and the related domains, ETH LSD re-staking, a decentralized node running collectives, MEV staking, MPC services, etc.

Key Requirements:

You have a solid background in Ethereum blockchain, DeFi, and the Staking ecosystem.
You will research new protocols and tooling updates in the Ethereum, Rollups, and other EVM chains, identify potential use cases and partners, and nurture relationships with other projects by arranging and leading co-marketing campaigns and implementing them with the DAO support.
Holistic product positioning and messaging, informed by research and data-driven to help product integration a success
Communicate the product features and their potential to drive all aspects of product launches, press releases, social media and
Co-marketing with partners to amplify user benefits and, at large, for the incentive programs and engage in discussions to be a most sought source of feedback from the community.
Write long and short articles such as blogs, research articles, or social posts articulating blockswap key offerings and expanding awareness.


This role is ideal for someone with a web3 DAO protocol growth background looking to work with multiple sides of the business, with the main focus on delivering protocol growth and integrations.
Industry Experience: doing advocacy, Evangelism, or technical walkthroughs for an established, developer-focused project (this is a must for the candidate)
2+ years of growth roles with relevant experience: marketing, community management, social media, DAO management, etc
Native English speaker with good written communication and oratory skills.
Ability to convey complex concepts with a depth of knowledge around DeFi, blockchain, and decentralized nodes running in a more simplified manner to generalized and specialized audiences.
A high-performance self-starting operator is comfortable in remote-first environments.
Promote a community culture of positivity and inclusivity within the guideline of Network growth.
Good proficiency in navigating Discord, Discourse, and Twitter.


The relevant fields: are advanced financial products and blockchain decentralization.
An outstanding team player and a fast learner of new technologies

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Success Manager – Protocols & DAO at Blockswap network
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