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Video Production Agency at EVIDENT, Remote.

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Are you a highly creative and talented video production agency capable of crafting visually stunning and engaging animated videos for the financial services industry? We are seeking a skilled and innovative agency to collaborate with us in creating compelling video content that captivates our audience, effectively communicates complex financial concepts, and aligns with our brand values.


  1. Video Concept Development: Collaborate with our marketing team to conceptualize and develop video ideas inspired by the examples provided. Understand the elements that make each example captivating, such as kinetic typography, pacing, humor, and visual storytelling.
  2. Scriptwriting: Create well-crafted and concise scripts that effectively communicate our financial services, concepts, and offerings. Collaborate with our in-house voiceover artist (myself) to ensure seamless integration of the narration with the visuals.
  3. Storyboarding: Develop detailed storyboards that illustrate the flow and visualization of the video content, showcasing a clear and captivating narrative inspired by the provided examples.
  4. Animation and Kinetic Typography: Utilize your expertise in animation and kinetic typography to produce visually compelling videos that keep viewers engaged from start to finish, taking inspiration from the examples’ great pacing and energy. The agency will add a nice touch to the visuals and animation.
  5. Branding Integration: Ensure that our brand identity and values are seamlessly integrated into the video content, drawing inspiration from the examples’ clear and concise brand overviews.
  6. Video Production and Editing: Execute the production and editing process with meticulous attention to detail, drawing inspiration from the examples’ impressive visual accompaniment, steady movement, and polished final products. The agency will provide a professional touch to the editing process.
  7. Sound Design: Coordinate sound design to enhance the overall impact and quality of the videos, complementing the narration done by our in-house voiceover artist (myself).
  8. Collaboration and Communication: Maintain open and transparent communication throughout the project, actively seeking feedback and incorporating any necessary revisions, similar to the examples’ collaborative approach.
  9. Project Management: Handle project timelines, deadlines, and deliverables efficiently to ensure timely and successful completion of video projects, drawing inspiration from the examples’ engaging pacing and effective project execution.


  1. Proven Experience: A portfolio of previous work showcasing exceptional animated videos, kinetic typography, explainer videos, and financial services marketing projects. Highlight projects that align with the style and quality seen in the provided examples.
  2. Creative Excellence: Demonstrate a strong creative vision, storytelling abilities, and a keen eye for detail to create visually stunning and impactful videos, inspired by the examples’ creativity and visual engagement.
  3. Financial Services Knowledge: Familiarity with the financial services industry, including banking, investment, fintech, and related concepts, to effectively communicate complex ideas as demonstrated in the examples.
  4. Expertise in Video Software: Proficiency in industry-standard video editing software and animation tools (e.g., Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, etc.) as evident in the examples’ technical execution.
  5. Strong Communication Skills: Ability to collaborate effectively with our marketing team and integrate the narration provided by our in-house voiceover artist (myself) into the video content, similar to the examples’ seamless collaboration.
  6. Time Management: A track record of delivering projects on time and within budget, managing multiple projects simultaneously, like the examples’ ability to meet deadlines.
  7. Adaptability: Willingness to adapt to our brand guidelines, values, and marketing objectives while offering creative input and ideas, as demonstrated in the examples’ ability to align with different brands.
  8. Attention to Detail: Ensure high-quality output with meticulous attention to detail, accuracy, and consistency, as seen in the examples’ polished final products.

If your agency is passionate about creating cutting-edge videos that leave a lasting impact on audiences, drawing inspiration from the provided examples, and can complement our in-house voiceover with a nice touch in visuals and animation, we invite you to submit your portfolio, including previous financial services marketing projects, and a proposal detailing your approach to video production and your pricing structure.

Join us in elevating our brand and captivating our audience through the power of creative video production, inspired by the examples’ engaging content and visual storytelling. Together, let’s bring our vision to life and make an unforgettable impact in the financial services industry.

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Video Production Agency at EVIDENT, Remote.
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