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Web Content Writer at International Association, Kano Municipal,(Remote)

International Association

About the job

Job Title: Web Content Writer

Hey there, word wizards!

Got a knack for weaving words into magic? Fancy yourself a scribe of all sorts? Dive into our fun-filled team, spinning stories and scribbling fantastic reads on everything under the sun!

Get this – for every 100 words you put down, you pocket $20. Do the math, and you could be raking in anywhere from $50 to $75 an hour, all based on your writing groove.

Now, while we’ve got a kaleidoscope of topics to pick from, we totally get if some ain’t your jam. If there’s a particular area you’re a rock star in, shout out, and we’ll spotlight you!

Here’s a taste of what we’re into:

– Glow-Up Health & Beauty

– Body and Soul Fitness

– Dreamy Home Vibes

– On-Fleek Fashion

– Sporty Adventures

– DIY Wonders

– Wallet Wisdom

– Legal Life Hacks

– MedTalks

– All About Fam & Kiddos

– Love & Relationship Chronicles – Property Perspectives

– Foodie’s Guide to Eateries

– Contractor Central

To jam well with our crew, we’re hoping for a few things:

– Be pals with word processors like Microsoft Word or Open Office.

– A solid web connection and a flair for being on the dot.

– Ace communication – our editorial squad loves a good chat.

– A team vibe, ’cause we’re all in this story-spinning journey together.

So, ready to join the fun? Let’s make wordy magic together!

To apply for this job please visit

Web Content Writer at International Association, Kano Municipal,(Remote)
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