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Copywriters at Adleg. Remote.

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 The Company: AdLeg is a fast-growing marketing company that works with online coaches and course creators to scale their businesses with YouTube Ads and Google Ads.
 The Impact: We help clients who, in turn, help their own clients. Our work produces a ripple effect that generates big waves in the world of personal and business growth.
 The Role: Copywriter – This role requires experience and a positive track record with writing direct response ads. The majority of the writing will be for YouTube Ad scripts, and will also include banners, headlines, landing pages, emails, and other projects for a wide variety of clients.
 Location: Our entire team is virtual so you can work from anywhere in the world. 
 Hours: This is a full-time position. You will be required to work during USA daytime hours as there will be regular daily communication and strategy sessions with the rest of the team.
 Pay: We offer competitive salary plus performance-based bonuses and can discuss details if you are a good fit.



What Are The Qualifications For This Role?
 You are obsessed with marketing and are always thinking of new ways to get the right message in front of the right people. You are a lifelong learner and you never think you have all the answers. You actively seek out new learning opportunities (books, courses, events, etc.) to develop yourself and improve your skills.
 You get immense satisfaction from producing killer results, and you can’t sleep well at night when your copy isn’t performing well. Mentally, you take your work home with you and have a hard time shutting it off. You dream in headlines, hooks, bullets, and CTAs.
 You could happily spend all day researching client and prospect needs and writing copy. You know how to write words that sell and love beating your own controls.
 You have experience writing direct response copy. More specifically, you have experience writing copy for info products, online courses, high-ticket coaching programs, and/or sales videos.
 You are looking for massive career growth. You want to be part of a world-class team at a company that offers huge internal growth opportunities. (We are not looking to outsource to another agency or freelancer/contractor.)
 You are a native English speaker. If you aren’t a native English speaker, then you need to be so fluent that you could fool us into thinking you are.
 You know what makes a great video ad great. You understand ad frameworks and persuasion and can script winning hooks and ads.
 You are comfortable and proficient with technology and with learning new tools. You must be a fast learner.
 You have extensive knowledge of retargeting strategies. You know how to utilize video in-stream ads, video discovery ads, Google display ads, and Google search ads to help maximize the value of warm traffic. (BONUS: You are familiar and experienced with running retargeting campaigns on other ad platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
 You take extreme ownership of your responsibilities, you take pride in your work, and you are driven to succeed.
 You are a great problem solver and can figure things out on your own. You love the feeling you get when you find a solution to a tough problem. You implement and take action with minimal direction.
*Don’t meet all of the above qualifications, but you’re eager to learn and still think you have a lot to offer? Then we still want to hear from you! Fill out the application form below and be honest about your experience level. We may have a place for you too!


What Will You Be Doing?
 You will be working with a team of A-Players to develop high-level strategy plans for YouTube Ads campaigns.
 You will be researching clients, competitors, fears, desires, etc. to ensure no stone is left unturned in finding the sales message that will produce the best results.
 You will be communicating with our partners to learn everything there is to know about their products and their customers so you can uncover the information you need to write winning ads.
 You will be writing headlines, bullets, banner copy, emails, text ads, and more to help persuade prospects and drive high-quality traffic to high-converting offers.
 You will be writing scripts for YouTube Ads…scripts that will quickly be used, tested, and scaled. Will you write our next million-dollar YouTube Ad?
 You will be following AdLeg’s proven systems and frameworks for scripts. (But…you also shouldn’t be afraid to bend and break AdLeg’s systems in an effort to produce even better results and better systems. This is a team effort and we aren’t simply looking for followers. You will be expected to bring new insights and ideas to the table.)
 You will be taking responsibility for tracking and understanding the results your copy is driving. Your work will be directly tied into the growth and profitability of our clients’ businesses – and, by extension, the growth and profitability of AdLeg itself.
 You will be hatching plans, researching, strategizing, implementing, testing, monitoring, tweaking, reporting, pivoting, enhancing, revamping, and improving results…every minute of every day.
You will be doing whatever it takes to ensure the success and growth of our clients.


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Copywriters at Adleg. Remote.
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