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In a nutshell

Be the first point of contact for our customers and panelists around the globe, providing best-in-class support and ensuring they have the product knowledge they need to get the most out of our platform.

Who we are

Our remote UX research platform helps our customers take the guesswork out of design ideas by testing them with real people. We provide the tools and knowledge our clients need to unlock the power of design research and human-centred design. Our mission is to democratise design research by making it simple, affordable and fast. We consider ourselves 12 years young, and have some great customers including Amazon, GoDaddy, and Zendesk. Our focus is on delivering our mission at scale, and massively expanding our reach through sales and product development.

Why we need you

We’re entering a period of rapid growth and our customer base is expanding. We are dedicated to providing personalised and human-centred support for our customers when and where they need us, and an increase in queries from European customers means we need an additional Customer Support Specialist available during European working hours. Our team is spread out across the globe with our team manager based in Melbourne and other members based in Portugal, the Bahamas, and the U.S.A. You’ll take ownership over the central and eastern European working hours, ensuring customers who contact us during those times receive prompt replies and timely resolutions.

How we work

  • We’re a dedicated, growing team who are passionate about delivering value to our customers. 
  • We work hard and want to make an impact in the world, and recognise that comes with challenges that we deal with collaboratively and respectfully. 
  • We are a close-knit team with a culture built on trust, humility, curiosity and humour. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are generous, empathetic and considerate.
  • We support each other and understand that individual success is dependent on the success of everyone else, so we invest in our personal and professional growth and consider learning, reflection, and up-skilling central to our jobs. 
  • We’re driven by Agile and Lean principles, working with Scrum and shipping value iteratively. 
  • We’re passionate about regularly adjusting and learning from feedback – both in terms of our customer value and our internal ways of working.

Who you are

  • You thrive on problem-solving and love finding creative solutions to complex challenges.
  • You can communicate confidently in English and have excellent writing skills. You’re able to clearly and concisely relay solutions to customers that might be technical and complex, all with a personal, human touch.
  • You’re customer-obsessed, able to put yourself in the customer’s shoes (or panelist’s) and consider the impact of the decisions we make on them. You’re happy to speak up and let the rest of the team know if something isn’t working for our customers.
  • You’re self-motivated and can work autonomously, prioritising your work effectively and taking ownership over each interaction to ensure the best outcome for the customer.
  • On the flip side, you can also work collaboratively in a remote team, sharing work-in-progress when participating in projects and exchanging insights from your interactions with customers.
  • You’re technically savvy. Ideally, you have experience using a CRM, help desk, or messaging platform in a customer support capacity—if not, you pick up new software with ease.
  • You’re comfortable working in a growing company where some things are still in flux. 

Picture yourself in the role

If you were here this week, you would have:
  • Educated a new customer on UsabilityHub’s functionality and offered best practices to help them get started building their first test, based on your understanding of their research needs.
  • Investigated a technical issue encountered by a customer, going through the same steps to try to replicate the issue and ultimately raising a bug with our development team.
  • Proactively reached out to a customer who responded to our NPS survey with a feature request, honing in on their use case for that feature and passing those insights on to the product team.
  • Helped a panelist who hasn’t received a test in a while, investigating why their tester rating has dropped and offering advice on how to improve it.
  • Placed an order with our partner panel to collect responses from people in the particular demographics a customer needs. 
  • Created internal and customer-facing (help centre) documentation for a new feature release.
  • Reported on the team’s key metrics in the fortnightly team meeting, highlighting trends and sharing insights on what drove conversation volume and KPI performance.
  • Met with your Support teammates to discuss recent observations and brainstorm ways to hone our policies based on interactions you’ve had with customers since the last team meeting.
  • Met with Jamie (our Customer Support Manager) to raise any challenges you’ve faced since your last 1-to-1 and exchange feedback to aid in your development as well as to improve the customer experience and our ways of working.


This role is completely remote, covering the Monday-Friday 9am-5pm shift for a GMT+2 or +3 timezone. You can be based in a nearby timezone as long as you are able to regularly cover these hours. This role may also require some out-of-business-hours contact with the team in Melbourne (HQ) and with your teammates across the globe—when this is the case you can adjust your schedule as needed.


At UsabilityHub, we use a fixed salary formula to determine compensation rather than negotiating with incoming candidates. 

Fairness and equity are really important to us, so rather than paying people based on their negotiating skills, we define a salary by doing market research and setting rates for roles based on capabilities. This means when you are working with your peers you can be certain that you are being paid the same amount for the same role.

The starting salary for a full time Customer Support Specialist at UsabilityHub is €42,466 and is inclusive of all taxes and statutory entitlements. We will convert this to your currency if you are not based in the European Union.

All employees receive a review after three months in the role (and then every six months), so if we need to move you to a different tier because you’re more skilled than we thought, we will do that.

Perks and benefits

  • Flexible work schedule: We make sure work fits your life by offering a choice between a 5, 4.5 or 4 day work week.
  • Employee profit sharing: We share our success by offering all team members a cut of quarterly profits.
  • Generous parental leave: We support growing families with 14 weeks of fully paid leave for primary carers and 6 weeks for secondary carers.
  • Learning and development: We offer AU$1,500 per year for you to spend on books, courses and events along with 6 paid LevelUp days.
  • Equipment and office: Whether you’re working from home or a co-working space, we’ll cover everything you need to do your best work.

Keen to apply?

Please send us your CV and cover letter with answers to the following questions:

  • What is something you see frequently when dealing with support teams as a customer that you don’t think is the best approach? What do you think is better? 
  • What do you think is the key to working successfully as a fully remote team?

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Customer Support Specialist at UsabilityHub


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