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Fish Farm Attendant at Seedspike

  • Full Time
  • Onsite
  • Permanent
  • Ibadan

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Fish Farm Attendant


AT SEEDSPIKE, our fish farm attendant helps to hatch, breed, and rear fish in ponds,(earthen, concrete, tarpaulins, etc.), tanks, etc. most of the fish we currently rear are catfish, and they are farmed for human consumption


Responsible for administering drugs, medications, etc. to the fish.

Responsible for conducting hourly routine checks on the fish, to prevent in-faction outbreaks right before they occur.

Responsible for daily water change for fish in our tanks, concrete ponds, tarpaulins, etc.

Responsible for the daily draining and cleaning of the tanks, tarpaulins, concrete ponds, etc.

Responsible for regular sorting (biweekly) of fish, grading them by size, and moving bigger groups to other ponds.

Responsible for the maintenance of farm buildings, infrastructures, machinery, equipment, tools, etc.

Responsible for the daily upkeep of the farm environment, ensuring that the farm is near and organized at all times.

Skilled in marketing, willing to become even better in selling as every member of our team contributes to sales of juveniles, table size, mélange, dried fish, etc.

Responsible for getting fish ready for sale at the point of sale.

Have a knack for writing. Will be asked to hero a proper and detailed farm record. Including stocks, purchases, and inventory. Inputs, tools, meetings, etc.

Responsible for daily reporting of the day’s activity on the farm.

Responsible for the clearing desilting and preparation of ponds(earthen, concrete, etc. ) on the farm as the need arises.

Responsible for the maintenance of great water quality throughout the lifespan of every fish cycle.


Our fish dang attendant is required to live on the farm(Our farm has a decent power supply, pipe-borne water, water closet, and other modern amenities all of which our attendant uses for free)

Working hours sometimes include evenings and weekends, especially during hatching

Background knowledge of desilting and preparing ponds is mandatory.

Basic knowledge of plumbing and electrical works is important but not mandatory.


Skilled in Aquaculture

A good communicator

Willing to learn, regardless of how much you believe you know

An energetic individual who is passionate about achieving greatness

Being attentive to the detail of how we do it is important to us, not just about getting things done

Innovative, have an open mind. Honest and/or willing to be an excellent individual

A quality/value-oriented team player who is reliable


We offer a competitive rate across the board for every member of our team

We offer accommodation

We offer bonus d allowances and other stipends

Last Note.

As a group, we reward good behaviors and celebrate distinction and innovation

We also punish bad behaviors. We astutely believe that adults ought to bear the consequences of their actions/inactions

How to apply – send an email with your cv to

Or send a WhatsApp message to 07036415880,08102324550

To apply for this job please visit

Fish Farm Attendant at Seedspike
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