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Frontend Software Engineer at Enveritas

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Frontend Software Engineer

We are looking for a frontend software engineer to join our Core Engineering Team on a remote, full-time basis. Our Core Engineering Team is a five-person team (soon to be seven!) and is part of our Engineering & Data Group — a quirky, talented, and humble group of about twenty with diverse backgrounds ranging from journalism to academia to international industry. While our current core engineering team is primarily located in the United States, we’re open to candidates located almost anywhere.

About Our Core Engineering Team

The Core Engineering Team builds software to collect, analyze, and report data about coffee farmers’ conditions and practices. This large-scale data-collection effort requires many moving parts to work together, and we use technology to support that effort at every step of the process — from identifying coffee farms in satellite imagery, to coordinating survey edits across country teams, to detecting data anomalies in real-time that can be investigated while teams are still in the field. Our work supports our Operations Teams in authoring surveys and deploying surveyors, our Data Team in analyzing field data, and our Partnerships and Data Visualization Teams in creating clear insights for our clients.
While our tooling varies across internal products, our frontend projects generally use React and Apollo, and interface with Python/PostgreSQL back-ends over GraphQL APIs. We use git and Github for maintaining our code, CircleCI for CI/CD, and AWS for hosting our services and static resources, with containerization where appropriate for development and deployment.

What You’ll Be Doing

As a member of the core engineering team, you will contribute to major feature planning and development, both independently and in collaboration with your teammates.

  • Implement new features on our core platforms, Jebena and Sini. You’ll participate in long-term planning and product roadmaps, collaborate on writing specs for the team to implement, and develop features from specs. You should be comfortable collaborating with non-Engineering teams to understand their feature needs. A lion’s share of your time will be spent writing React-based JavaScript to add features to our internal platforms.
  • Maintenance and enhancements of existing code. You’ll work with other engineers to triage and resolve incoming issues (we use Sentry). Our team also reserves Fridays for bug-fixing, resolving technical debt, and discovering/relieving pain-points for our users.
  • Implement a new public website. We are partnered with an external team to design a website that reflects a new phase in Enveritas’ public visibility. You’ll have an active role in realizing those designs for the first few months of your tenure at Enveritas.


Read this first: research shows that people of different backgrounds read job postings differently. If you don’t think you meet all of the qualifications but do think you’d be a great match for us, please consider applying and sharing more in your cover letter. We’d love to talk with you to see what skills you can bring to our team. This said, we are most likely to be interested in your candidacy if you can demonstrate the majority of the qualifications listed below:

  • A degree in computer science, or an equivalent training in the principles of software engineering.
  • Multiple years of professional experience as a frontend engineer in a team environment.
  • Strong grasp of design patterns for building interfaces that are usable, performant, and accessible.
  • Experience with at least one modern front-end framework. (React, Svelte, Vue, Angular, etc.)
  • Experience with at least one methodology for writing and structuring CSS. (BEM, CMACSS, CSS Modules, etc.)
  • Background developing applications against web APIs.
  • Familiarity with modern HTML and CSS features.
  • Excellent communication and analytical skills.

Who You Are

Our team is fully distributed, so you should be comfortable with remote work. This role is a full-time individual contributor role. While you can be located anywhere, our core hours are 10am to 2pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, with team members choosing either an early start or later stop as suits them.

You should be inspired by our mission to improve the lives of smallholder coffee farmers, and have an interest in sustainability. You should have a deep empathy for users of our tools and understand the importance of supporting the work of other teams. Because operational and business needs can be ambiguous and change on a short time-scale, you should have a love for environments with uncertainty, and enjoy not only solving problems, but discovering and demystifying them.

We are a small team! You should be comfortable working both independently and as a thoughtful collaborator, sensitive to the legibility and maintainability of your code when in the hands of your teammates.

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Frontend Software Engineer at Enveritas
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