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Hacker Evangelist

As the last line of defense, we depend on the goodwill of the best security talent in the space, the vast majority of which are not employees. We know that no one company can “solve” security–it’s a community effort. It’s our job to reach hackers where they are, so that when they find a critical vulnerability in a project, they think to come to us first to responsibly disclose the problem. We can improve our odds by helping hackers learn security skills for smart contracts, especially DeFi. There is a serious shortage of security talent for smart contracts, and hackers want resources to help them get started. Once they have the skills to find vulnerabilities, they need to feel supported by our platform. This role encompasses both. It’s a role similar to Developer Evangelist but tailored to our kind of work.

To be successful in this role…

You will:

  • Become embedded in the DeFi hacker community to deeply understand hacker concerns and needs
  • Write sample code, build creative new conference talks, make screencasts, make compelling tutorial videos, and write some of the best blog posts the distributed ledger world has ever seen
  • Help other hackers by interacting on Discord, Stack Overflow, Twitter, GitHub, or places where hackers come for help online
  • Speaking (virtually) at meetup groups, conferences, developer trainings, etc.
  • Hosting and organizing hackathons, meetups, workshops, and other events
  • Identify gaps that are needed to meet the needs of developers, and design creative solutions to meet these needs
  • Represent the hacker community to the Immunefi product and engineering teams, making sure that everything we build is easy to learn and sensible to use
  • Research and report on projects and trends in the broader blockchain space

You have:

  • You can write top-quality code samples and mini applications to demonstrate the technologies you want to teach
  • Demonstrable experience contributing to and advocating for open-source software communities (both code and documentation) or crypto projects
  • You can record screencasts and instructional videos of your talks and articles

You are:

  • Passionate and excited about the web3 industry
  • You are a solid communicator with experience writing about, teaching, or speaking about complex technical topics
  • The kind of person who wants to take as much ownership as possible for their work, and is highly proactive about expanding the scope of their work

Required experience:

  • 1-3 years of programming experience in at least one of: Solidity, Vyper, Rust
  • 1-3 years contributing or advocating for open source software or DAOs communities, OS software experience is preferred, although Immunefi’s particular needs are more akin to those of other DAOs

To apply for this job please click on -> immunefi.breezy.hr.

Hacker Evangelist at Immunefi


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