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Head, Asset Management and Operations at Max, Lagos/ Ibadan.

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MAX is a team of passionate people and a leading technology-enabled company, driven by a vision to solve the mobility challenges in Africa.
We want to facilitate access to vehicles, financing and other essential services to the more than 15 million underserved drivers across Africa. We are making mobility safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable through the deployment of high-performance technologies and operators.
MAX is looking to engage a smart, innovative and skilled Head, Asset Management and Operations  as we embark on an aggressive growth-drive.

Key Accountabilities:

Responsible for registering, licensing, maintaining and managing assets to maximize efficiency, profitability and deliver the highest possible level of service to MAX customers

Key Responsibilities

Supply Management
•Plan and implement the overall supply chain strategy
•Collaborate with Growth and Productivity departments to forecast and meet driver’s asset demands
•Establish supply schedules and communicate requirements to all partakers in the supply process
•Oversee demand and supply flow verification processes
•Identify process bottlenecks and implement solutions in a timely manner
•Monitor and ensure the efficiency and durability of assets via conducting periodic capacity analysis
•Ensure compliance to export and transport procedures
•Vendor Management, research and find the best vendors considering cost and quality
•Establish standards and guidelines for vendors and monitor to ensure they are followed
•Build and maintain good relationships with vendors
•Coordinate all vendor management related tasks
•Create and coordinate all vendor processes, policies and methods to approve and improve vendors
•Ensure all vendors are effectively managed and contracts are being leveraged
•Track, measure, report and evaluate all vendor performance
•Identify and troubleshoot all vendor problems and present to management as required
•Ensure process enhancement provide increasing operational efficiency in entire business partner processes
•Work alongside all departments in budget creation and implementation to manage and control stock levels to eradicate overpayment and maintain records
•Predict future needs based on yearly trends, demand, consumption and company goals
•Research and suggest the kind of assets that best fits the organization’s goals
•Negotiate with manufacturers during the specification process to maximize product cost efficiency
•Ensure distributions and deliveries of assets are on schedule and within pre-established budgets
•Ensure asset stock is adequate for all distribution channels and can cover direct demand from customers
•Inspect assets to ensure conformance with contract specifications and identify discrepancies in the work.
•Perform vehicle registration, insurance formalities and documentation regarding induction of new and existing fleet
•Ensure all assets registration and license renewal are carried out as at when due
•Enforce periodic servicing and maintenance check on all bikes at the appropriate time via the creation of maintenance
•schedules in an effort to side-step unexpected repair
•Coordinate the repairs of damaged assets
•Work closely with the technicians to find ways to reduce downtime due to repairs or lack of routine maintenance
•Ensure assets that are no longer useful are resold to retain as much as possible the company’s investment
•Maintain and ensure proper and detailed records of vehicle servicing, inspections and maintenance
•Report on inspection findings
•Audit vehicle maintenance and repair for conformance with company performance and safety standards
•Oversee routine and ad hoc maintenance, obtain tags for new vehicles and renew old ones to ensure schedule fleet management.
•Monitor, report and analyze key performance metrics
•Develop and implement operational standards to maintain vehicles by advocating best practices in industry
•Plan and process vehicle purchase and vehicle replacement through efficient settlement.
•Ensure fleet availability to meet all requests by scheduling, forecasting and surveying current user trends.
•Facilitate and implement corrective actions and capacity building to manage the entire fleet to achieve company objectives

Required Qualifications

• Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Finance or related field plus extensive experience of Asset Management and operations.
MBA preferred
• Highly Computer literate and proficient in Microsoft Suite
• Sound working knowledge of project finance documents (e.g. asset reporting requirements, covenants, ratio tests)
• Analytically and strategically minded
• Skilled negotiator
• Excellent Communicator both orally and written

To apply for this job please visit

Head, Asset Management and Operations at Max, Lagos/ Ibadan.
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