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Vice President Operations at LYNBAS CONCEPT LTD

  • Full Time
  • Onsite
  • Permanent
  • Lagos


Vice President Operations

About the job

Lynbas Concept Limited

WHY we design

Creating the art of stylish living.

HOW We Do It

* Architecture

* Interior Design

* Event Design

* Landscape Design

* Master Planning

* Urban Design

* Remodeling

* Construction Projects

WHAT We Look For

* Entrepreneurial spirit

* Down to-earth nature

* Trendsetting ideas

* Unyielding passion

* Adaptability

* Curiosity

* Vision

* Energy

* Culture enabling

Do you have the following traits?

Goal Oriented: Driven, persistent, tenacious

Optimistic, proactive, confident

Observant & Analytical

Excellent communicator

Self-starter who thrives in competitive situations

Adept at managing multiple, changing, quick-paced, time-sensitive projects

We are seeking a passionate, creative, engaged, and technically proficient VP OF OPERATIONS to join us in a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere. Applicants must possess exceptional Strategic management, design and technical abilities.

Knowledge / Skills / Abilities

* Ability to work within a dynamic, creative environment, providing design and documentation in all aspects of the interiors process, in a variety of media formats.

* Creative design thinking, spatial and environmental design ability, branding development, story creation, and visual design sensibility are required.

* Possess strong conceptual design, organizational, presentation, and technical expertise.

* Ownership of multiple concurrent projects, resilience to switch gears quickly in a fast-paced environment.

* Confidence and comfort interacting with clients, participating and leading presentations, meetings and collaborative sessions.

* Ability to quickly earn trust, build partnerships, and direct large consultant teams.

* The ability to manage multiple projects with minimal supervision.

* The ability to give and take direction.

Education / Experience

* 3-5 years of relevant experience.

* Deep passion for design.

* Hospitality experience is preferred.

* Superior visual, written and spoken communication skills to express concepts in ways that are captivating.

* Detail oriented and comfortable working in a demanding environment.

* Proficiency in Word Document, Excel, Powerpoint, Revit, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

* Rendering experience, computer and freehand.

* Strong sketching and freehand drawings skills. Ability to create quick sketches to convey/sell an idea is critical.

The core responsibility of your job is to provide relevant initiatives and manage Lynbas Concept business projects and objectives. Specifically, you will be required to do to the following amongst other tasks:

– Maintaining effective records and administration with clients both online and offline.

– Conduct research to learn more and advise Lynbas on current trends, developments, and perceptions about business.

– Creating and updating relevant business plan, strategies, cash flow forecasts and general contents for Lynbas as a company.

– Monitor engagements, reply to client messages and post relevant contents on Lynbas social media and business networks and run promotions when necessary.

– Collaborate with internal departments and staff to establish campaign objectives, complete tasks, and identify and solve problems.

– Suggest new ways to promote Lynbas business to attract more customers, artists, and recreational end users.

– Coordinate, identify and process Lynbas projects.

– Send periodic reports to the CEO

– Consistent communication and correspondence with all Lynbas

Subjects such as clients, customers, artisans etc

To apply for this job please visit

Vice President Operations at LYNBAS CONCEPT LTD
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