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Class Room Teacher at Al-Baru Private Schools

  • Full Time
  • Onsite
  • Permanent
  • Lagos

Al-Baru Private Schools

Class Room Teacher

About the job

A class teacher is responsible for the overall management and instruction of a specific class of students, providing guidance, facilitating learning, and maintaining a positive classroom environment.


1. Instruction: A classroom teacher shall be responsible for planning and delivering lessons, ensuring that the curriculum is effectively taught to students.


2. Classroom Management: Maintaining discipline and order in the classroom, managing student behavior, and creating a positive learning environment are crucial responsibilities of a teacher.


3. Assessment and Evaluation: Assessing students’ progress through various methods, such as tests, assignments, and projects, and providing feedback to support their learning and growth.


4. Individualized Support: Identifying and addressing the unique needs of students, including providing additional assistance, accommodating learning styles, and implementing personalized learning plans.


5. Communication and Collaboration: Regularly communicating with parents or guardians about students’ progress, attending meetings, collaborating with colleagues, and fostering partnerships with the wider school community



with either years of experience or no experience at all

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Class Room Teacher at Al-Baru Private Schools
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